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Beyonce Preggers? Internet Buzz Says Yes

25 Mar

Is Beyonce Pregnant? Her rep says no comment.

But, if there’s any truth to breaking reports from the likes of The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, and the New York Times, Beyonce Knowles is about to become one hot mama.

First he put a ring on it, and now the rumor circulating the web is that superstar diva Beyonce and hubby – rap mogul Jay-Z – are expecting a little one.

It could be a false report as so many of them are … but if it is true, the kid is bound to live a life of luxury with these two.

Congratulations, Beyonce & Jay-Z … maybe.

The Office and Grey’s and Runway, Oh My! (Vampire Diaries, too!)

25 Mar

Sooo. It’s a TV night.

Who are your favorites this season on Project Runway? I personally was a fan of Amy until she got the boot; now I really dig Seth Aaron and Anthony!

As for Grey’s Anatomy – have you all heard the news? Katherine Heigl and her new brunette ‘do are done with the show. Is this a surprise to anyone? Or news to anyone? (Um, if so…Belated Spoiler Alert?)

I’ll miss Izzy Stevens and all her neuroses … but, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with Heigl. Anyone else?   I am looking forward to seeing what types of movies she does. I’ll admit, I was a fan of The Ugly Truth and Knocked Up. Big time.

I’m glad we have DVR because I’d be lost without it.

The Office is on Thursdays, too, and is another FAVORITE. I don’t know how ANY HUMAN could resist The Office. I think it is truly one of the funniest shows EVER! (Does anyone else just adore Jim & Pam?)

And one comment on Vampire Diaries: (Yes, I watch it, don’t laugh)  — was it a casting REQUIREMENT that you had to be a MODEL to be on that show? I mean, is anyone NOT hot in the cast?

Who’s watching what? Every night’s a TV night with me…and I’m gosh-darn proud of it!  😉

Surgery Tomorrow – Yikes!

25 Mar

I posted a new “Ashley’s Journey to Wellness” entry on the Arthritis Foundation Rheum for Wellness Blog. I’m having knee surgery tomorrow. OUCH!!

Mayor Googlestahl wants Googleburgh to celebrate Google Day on March 26th!

25 Mar

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or aren’t an internet junkie, like myself) Pittsburgh is one of many cities vying for the Google Fiber Internet trial.

Topeka, Kansas changed their name (temporarily, of course) to Google, Kansas. Just about every big city has some sort of website or petition pleading their case.

What about Pittsburgh? Recently, was created. Individuals can nominate Pittsburgh; organizations can become community supporters of Pittsburgh’s proposal. Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In are buzzing about Google Fiber “coming to Pittsburgh.”

Tomorrow is the deadline for all cities’ applications. Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl decided to declare it “Google Day” in the ‘Burgh. (Unfortunately, many other cities are having “Google Day,” too. A for Effort, I guess.) In fact, downtown workers have been instructed to wear black and gold, and meet at the City County Building to pose on the roof and spell out “Google.”

Will it make a difference in our proposal? Not sure. One thing I AM sure of is that we have the perfect city for this type of project. With hospitals and research, the local entertainment industry, the buzz about our “green” efforts, recent national recognition in many areas (aside from Big Ben’s sexual assault allegations)  and all of the colleges in the area (as well as an active online community) I think that we are a pretty strong candidate.

IMHO (“in my humble opinion for the non-nerds) the one thing that could fail us is the older population in Allegheny County. While as a city Pittsburgh is thriving, there are still other areas to think about. If Google looks at our demographics and how … well .. “old” Pittsburgh is, we may be in trouble.

Nonetheless, it is all pretty interesting.

So happy Google Day Eve to all yinz! 😉

((Side note: Please never let me say, type, or even THINK the word yinz again. I’m Pittsburgh-proud but not a fan of the ‘language’. Do I have to say things like that to be able to communicate to my readers? Just curious.))

Idol Adieu – Someone needs to Turn a New Paige in Life …

25 Mar

Sorry, Paige Miles.

You were never a fan-favorite of THIS girl’s. (I was heavily rooting for Mullet Banana Boy a.k.a. Alex Lambert, and my current favorites are Lee Dewyze, Casey James, Didi Benami, Crystal Bowersaux and Aaron Kelly. Yes I’m aware that’s half of the cast…anyway…)

Simon seemed smitten with Paige from the get-go, but then she sadly disappointed week-after week.

I feel sorry for her. She seems so sweet, and is beautiful….but her voice has been going downhill for the past couple of weeks.

I hope she gets her act together!

Bidding Idol Adieu to you, Paigey!

Anyone think America voted and … made a mistake? I want to hear your thoughts.

Boynes, out.

Justice Through Journalism and John Grisham in the ‘Burgh!

25 Mar

Last night, I attended a lovely event held by Point Park University.  It was called, “the Justice Through Journalism Gala.”

To be honest with you, as an aspiring author, I only attended in the first place to listen to the special guest speaker, and get an autographed copy of his book. He’s already been a successful lawyer and best-selling fiction author who has had countless novels turned into films and who has recently forayed into the world of nonfiction. That man is John Grisham.

I got an autographed copy of his book, “The Innocent Man” and was enthralled by his speech. I was hoping that I’d get thechance to meet him, speak with him about his writing career, about my writing career, and also wanted to snap a photo with him. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to talk to him, but was excited to get a signed copy of his book for my personal library.

However, that being said, I was surprised that the night contained more than just this phenomonal writer standing at a podium. I learned about the Innocence Institute and the thousands of people – locally, nationally – who are wrongly convicted of heinous crimes. Some of these people even end up with life sentences or on death row. I had the pleasure of listening to a number of them speak about their personal trials and tribulations with the justice system, and also heard about how the Point Park Innocence Institute is helping to get innocent people exonorated through their investigative journalism skills. It was all so eye-opening.

It is sad that these people were wronged by our justice system, but also refreshing that justice prevailed after all, and that we live in a country where they were able to be exonerated. It was sad to hear their bittersweet stories but opened my eyes to a problem whose existence I never really thought about

At any rate, it was a lovely evening from the wine and h’orderves to the live band and silent auction. It was great to mingle, hear these stories, and to listen to the great John Grisham. A+, Point Park! Way to stay classy.