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About the Blogger, Part Deux : 25 Things

30 Mar

You can learn more about the Glitzburgh blogger to the right, under “About the Blogger” … but here’s part II ~~ 25 Random Facts, just for fun…..


1) I strongly believe in karma and “the golden rule” and try to live my life by these governing principles.

2) I love taking photos and having my picture taken.

3) I used to NEVER watch TV, and now I’m addicted — I’d be lost without my DVR!

4) However, I can never pass up a good book and would much rather read than watch television, most of the time.

5) I love vampires and liked them before Twilight. “Interview with a Vampire” and my Gothic Literature class got me hooked. Now I am in love with True Blood, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, etc.

6) I like making “online friends” and “pen pals” … I’ve had the same pen pal, Christina, since I was like 15 or so! And we actually wrote “real” letters! 🙂

7) I love handwritten notes, greeting cards, and getting “real” mail.

8) I do have multiple chronic health problems, but I complain about 1/10 of the time that I COULD be complaining. I’d never wish it upon anyone, but I’d invite anyone who criticizes me to walk a day, or a week, in my shoes. It’s rough but I try to stay positive and live a pretty normal life!

9) I was nominated “most stylish” for our senior superlatives in high school.

10) I like dogs with bulging eyes, smushy noses, and wrinkly faces – Pugs, Boxers, Mastiffs, Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, etc. (but really I love ALL dogs, truth be told!)

11) I love elephants!

12) I want to take an adult (beginner) ballet class but have yet to do it. It’s on the bucket list and hopefully happens sooner rather than later!

13) I love super-hero movies!

14) I am super analytical and kinda deep.

15) I love the Victorian era…and I kinda want to attend a real tea party 🙂

16) I want to publish a novel someday.

17) I almost always remember my dreams.

18) I have 3 tattoos.

19) I try not to care what people think; and I don’t in most cases! BUT…. I AM sensitive when people hurt me; because I do not understand how people can be mean for no reason! I’m not even mean when there IS a reason, LOL!

20) I collect Willow Tree angels and used to collect limited-edition and special-edition Barbie dolls.

21) I LOVE TO WRITE. I even do it for fun. (Blog, poetry, etc.)

22) I hate Seinfeld. And Frasier.

23) I like sociology and theology.

24) I think sunshine is the best.

25) I love the sound a thunderstorm and rain outside at night.

Hometown Girl and International Phenomenon Christina Aguilera Debuts New Single

30 Mar

Pittsburgh Gal X-Tina Drops New Single

Christina Aguilera, who grew up right here in Pittsburgh, PA, has dropped a new single today in anticipation of her upcoming June 7th album, “Bionic.” The song is called, “Not Myself Tonight.”

Ironically, the title is right on the money: Aguilera is cleraly not herself. Judging by the album art, I expected a Lady Gaga knockoff, and was hoping for at least a good one…and was underwhelmed to find that it is a watered-down, Britney-wannabe song…that will never touch Britney… my humble opinion.

Christina Aguilera has some of the best pipes that the industry has seen, well, ever, and yet she often comes out with music that sometime leaves so much to be desired.

I’m hoping, as many songs do, that it just needs to grow on me, because I really do like her, and I really want to support a Pittsburgh girl.

That being said, there was no initial “wow-factor” and it leaves me wanting more …. but not in a good way. I do WANT to like it….I’m just not in love, yet.

Maybe I’m wrong – what do you all think??

Listen here:

Twilight Saga Author Stephenie Meyer To Release Supplemental Eclipse Novella in June: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

30 Mar

More good news for Twihards!

Stephenie Meyer, author of the best-selling pop-culture phenomenon the Twilight Saga, announced today that she’s releasing a supplemental novella called, “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.”

The book will be considered a “companion” piece to the Twilight saga, specifically, the Twilight: Eclipse film and will be available in bookstores June 5th, 2010, as well as online at

When I heard about this book, I was a little more than confused. I had no idea who Bree Tanner was, and, I’m guessing that many of you do not have a clue, either.

It turns out that Bree Tanner appeared in the Eclipse novel, briefly, before being killed off 10 pages later. She was apparently one of the newborn vampires and was killed off in Victoria’s war against the Cullens and the Quiluete tribe. This novella will tell the story from her perspective. Stephenie Meyer always wondered what it would be like from the newborn vampire’s point of view. She started writing this while working on the Eclipse book and it was initially meant for, if anything, the Twilight Saga Official Guide.

In fact, Meyer never anticipated this book as being a stand-alone work…but, alas, here it is! You can buy it in bookstores in June, or read it for free online for a limited time. Here are two websites for further detail:

Author Stephenie Meyer’s Official “Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella” Press Release:

The Bree Tanner Cheat Sheet from MTV:

Dancing with the Stars – DWTS >> Weekly Thoughts

30 Mar

I have to say, Kate Gosselin is a horrible dancer. I almost feel bad. I felt awkward watching her last night during her 2nd dance in the 10th season of, “Dancing with the Stars.” She looks much how I would probably look if I went on Dancing with the Stars, and, if it weren’t for a bum knee, I might even be better than her. At least I HAVE some dance experience, and, most importantly, I know how to listen to people when they are trying to help me. I also know how to smile instead of looking terrified, miserable, and uncomfortable the whole time!

I would feel bad for Gosselin if she were more willing to learn. She was trying to teach her teacher how to teach – who DOES that?

I understand that everyone learns differently, but when you’re on Dancing with the Stars, my suggestion would be to listen to your pro.

That being said, Kate IS at a disadvantage, as they’ve pointed out many times. She is NOT an entertainer, she is NOT an athlete. Most of the other people are one or the other, and what they lack in dancing talent they can make up for with stage presence and charisma, or, other phsyical stunts. Kate is what she is, and what you see is what you get.

While she’s a trainwreck, I’m rooting for her more than Nicole Scherzinger. I DO realize that out of the entire bunch, Nicole Scherzinger, of Pussycat Dolls fame, is undeniably the most talented. However, I feel like Scherzinger (who I’ve met – see right – and who is very nice, though treading on diva-ish) is too experienced, and overqualified for the competition. Isn’t the point of it to watch non-dancers progress and learn how to dance? This is why, even though she is horrible and still isn’t my favorite contestant, a part of me is pulling for Gosselin. I can’t even say that I really like her, but, I do want to watch her learn and improve (or, fail miserably.)

Kate needs to get a lot of votes from the public to stay in the competition with her low scores. (Same goes for Buzz Aldren.)

I love Niecy Nash and I think Ochocinco is hilarious and charming on the show. Shannen Doherty surprised me, and I could care less about the figure skater or soap star. (Who ARE they, anyway? LOL)

Who I’m actually pulling for personally, are Pam Anderson, and Erin Andrews, Pam being my slight favorite. Both definitely have the charisma and the spark, the look and the personality, the determination, and, I think, the potential. Of course, they’re nowhere near as good as someone like Nicole Scherzinger, but, I’ve made up my mind that these two who I’m rooting for, and so I wish Pam and Erin the best of luck!

Brace Yourselves, Ladies! Twilight’s Taylor Lautner to Film Movie in PITTSBURGH!

30 Mar

Whether you’re Team Jacob or Team Edward, Twilight fans from ages 10-100 swoon over Twilight hottie, actor Taylor Lautner. (And now that he’s finally 18, we can be OK with that.)

Guess what, girls? Known for his abs and his charming smile, our favorite “werewolf” will be filming a new movie right here in Pittsburgh. The movie will be called, “Abduction” and is a thriller that will begin filming in or around July 2010.

Do you think that the streets of the ‘Burgh will be swarmed by Twihards, the way Robert Pattinsons set for “Remember Me” was invaded in NYC?

I admit that I may be stalking the streets for a Jacob-sighting!

Steelers’ Santonio Holmes Needs to Learn When NOT to Tweet!

30 Mar

You’ve already read my thoughts on the Steelers’ latest situations including yesterday’s news of an incident with Santonio Holmes.

In my previous blog entry, “Another Steelers Uh-Oh”,  I said that it was dumb of him to be tweeting and posting things on his Twitter account in regards to the lawsuit.

His management team and/or PR person and/or conscience should really know better, and should have him lay off the social media for awhile.

But even as the media, fans, and foes alike were commenting on his seemingly smug posts yesterday in regards to his latest infraction; Santonio kept on tweeting.

If he wasn’t in trouble before, I’m guessing that he will be now. Art Rooney already expressed his disapponitment with Santonio Holmes’ civil suit….but this was before he told a fan to kill himself. (Yes. Read on….)

In addition to the tweets mentioned in my post yesterday, Holmes also wrote about how he was “LMAO all the way to the bank”, telling his fans that they dont know him, and they don’t cut his check. (Non-computer-geeks: LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off.)

The most shocking, though?

Check it out….

Here is one of his tweets from last night:

“@DMKayser y u tryna make me look like the bad guy. U shud try finding the worst thing that you could drink n kill urself”

This was posted under Santonio’s official, “Verified” Twitter account, for the whole world to see. Granted, this @DMKayser person has since deleted their account and we do not know how much this individual was heckling Holmes or what he was saying.

However, that being said, it shouldn’t matter. Santonio Holmes is a public figure, and a grown man, and even if he is upset about the lawsuit, he should not be flying off the handle on social media outlets, running his mouth, and saying nasty things to presumably innocent followers – like telling them to go drink something that will kill them.

Listen, I’m a HUUUUUGE Steelers fan. Ask any of my friends or family. So that isn’t the issue. It isn’t like I’m trying to badmouth our players. It’s just that since I AM such a huge Steelers fan, I do not want people on our team to distract the other players and/or give a bad name to the organization that was built on class.

Just sayin’.