Thoughts on Tiger Woods new Nike commercial featuring his late father? It’s a No-Go for Me.

8 Apr

Definitely don’t call it a comeback! Not with THIS as fodder. My prediction? This commercial will have people talking about Tiger, and Nike, for sure…but probably not in a GOOD way.

I don’t care how well he is doing in the Master’s…..Tiger Woods’ new Nike commercial using his deceased father’s voice is, to me, both disturbing and inappropriate, verging on tasteless.

It is kind of creepy to listen to his dead dad doing a voiceover in a weak effort at rebuilding his much-tarnished image. Does it strike anyone else as odd and….irrelevant? What point are they trying to serve? That is father would think what he’s done is wrong? And how does that make me want to buy a Nike product? I suppose I “kind of” see what they were “trying” to do with this commercial, but, it didn’t appeal to me, whatsoever. In fact, it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.

If you want MY humble opinion, Nike – being a sportswear company – should maybe focus on, oh, I don’t know – maybe his GOLFING TALENT and ATHLETIC ABILITY….after all, isn’t that why they wanted him to endorse their products anyway? What good did this ad do? It is just, I think, drawing more attention to his “situation.”

Aside from that, I’m sick of hearing about the “sex addict” and “sex therapy.” When a rich and famous person has indiscretions, it is an “addiction” and they act like it is an “illness”…when anyone ELSE does it, they are just classified as, well, a person with low morals, a cheater, a jerk, or a skank. (<~~Insert your own choice words. Jerk and skank are pretty mild terms.) Why IS that? It just bugs me.

But, that’s neither here nor there.

His image as a goody-goody family man is long gone. Get back to golf, Tiger. You’re doing well on that front. Nike – maybe take note of that and keep his dead relatives out of his next commercial.

Watch it, HERE:

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