Celebs Get Real: Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson Release Untouched Photos! And Me, Makeup-Free!

15 Apr

This week, Britney Spears authorized the released of her untouched Candies ads – cellulite and all!

Recently, Jessica Simpson posed makeup-free on a magazine cover.

I like this celebrity trend!

While they’re still better looking than the average gal, it IS nice to see that even celebrities have their flaws. I’m not at all “for” the tabloids that exploit stars with their “who has cottage cheese thighs” and “guess who’s flab this is?” worst-of beach bodies issues – BUT – if stars like Britney and Jessica want to authorize the public to see the “real” them on their own terms, well, more power to ’em!

Below are the pics – today’s Photos of the Day!

Britney Pre-Airbrushing – and After  ~ (Shot 1)

Britney Pre-Airbrushing – and After  ~ (Shot 2)

Spears said she did this to show women and young girls that she is not perfect!

Here are Simpson’s May photos from Marie Claire – Jessica Simpson and her camp swear that they are without makeup. Here is a photo of Jess with makeup (left) and then the May 2010 Marie Claire cover without:

Here’s a shot of Ms. Simpson from the inside of the mag:

Jessica posed au naturel, saying that she has nothing to prove. Her new show, The Price of Beauty, is about finding beauty from within, and explores the entire world searching for what each individual culture defines as beautiful. Perhaps, as her song, “In This Skin” alludes to, and despite all the paprazzi badergering her about her weight, Jess really is comfortable in her own skin? I hope so.

By the way – I believe her claims that she is makeup-free. What about you? Here’s a good blog dicussing the topic:

And how about Britney? Despite her bruises and cellulite, I’d take her bod any day.


I’m interested to hear a GUY’S perspective on this one! Is Jess pretty? Fat? Britney? Yes, no?

Regardless, as woman, I applaud them for going makeup-free. Here’s makeup-free me, taken just now at 6:52pm EST! No makeup, no editing, hair au naturel, too! Ladies ~ anyone else brave enough to share NO MAKEUP pics?!? Scary…..but somehow, freeing! 🙂    Get empowered, we don’t need makeup or re-touching, right gals?? 😉

(Please note: I’m OK with posting a no-makeup face pic. Do not ask me to post a bikini pic right now. I am soooo NOT THAT confident hehehe)

7 Responses to “Celebs Get Real: Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson Release Untouched Photos! And Me, Makeup-Free!”

  1. farmerstrophywife April 16, 2010 at 10:18 pm #

    Great post…I love this girl and power to her for being REAL!! A great role-model, FINALLY someone out there willing to show little girls some reality!


    • glitzburgh ™ April 20, 2010 at 7:34 pm #

      Thanks – I totally agree! Good for them for being honest about what women look like without all of the ‘touch-ups’

  2. diyyinah February 8, 2012 at 12:25 am #

    Wow that’s so awesome! I’m so glad Jessica and Britney did that to show that pretty pictures in magazines are really just pretty pictures in magazines and not what they look like in real life. 🙂
    Btw you’re gorgeous! 😀

  3. diyyinah February 8, 2012 at 12:28 am #

    Reblogged this on Diyyinah and commented:
    The real Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. Don’t change yourself to be magazine-beautiful! This post shows that all those pretty pictures in magazines are really only pretty pictures in magazines and the work of photoshop. PS, YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!

  4. kitegirlcoach February 12, 2012 at 11:42 pm #

    Yep, it’s wonderful these two are getting real. There are too many young ones who don’t understand how Photoshop works and believe in the impossible. I hope plenty of them get to see how the system works.


  1. What IS the Price of Beauty? « Glitzburgh™ - April 20, 2010

    […] I love it, and I think that Jessica has become stronger because of it. Let’s face it – the girl has been a target of tabloids and “fans” alike. I think she’s great and I applaud her! (read my recent blog about Jessica’s recent “no-makeup” Marie Claire shoot, here.) […]

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