Thoughts on a Hometown Girl : Christina Aguilera – Copycat, Sell-Out, or Neither? And the Gaga vs. XTina Battle

10 Jun

I’m kind of growing tired of Perez Hilton’s endless tirades about Christina Aguilera copying Lady Gaga.

But, the truth is, in many instances, he’s correct, and has a lot of “evidence” in his corner.

That being said, though, let’s not forget that our “Dirrty” girl Christina rocked the pantless look (assless chaps, anyone?) back in the day way before Gaga was, well, Gaga.

Additionally, have you seen Lady Gaga’s latest video, Alejandro? If we’re going to talk about copying, well, it REEKS of early Madonna.

I’m a HUGE Lady GaGa fan (even a bigger GaGa fan than XTina!), and, a Christina Aguilera fan, too – so I’m not calling anyone out on anything – I’m just saying….everyone gets inspiration from somewhere, so people like Perez Hilton need to stop pointing fingers. (After all, he’s going to make people turn on his “wifey” GaGa if he continues going on badgering other celebrities on her behalf.)

However, if we ARE going to critique Christina Aguilera’s latest efforts with her new release “Bionic” and surrounding performances, let’s do so constructively.

I’ll give my two cents.

Christina Aguilera is a true talent. Her raw vocal prowess is just about unmatched amongst her peers; her natural musical abilities are astounding.

That being said, she sure doesn’t show it with songs like “Not Myself Tonight” and “Woo Hoo.” While catchy, I miss her “Stripped” days. That album was and is one of my all-time favorites. She should show off her beautiful voice.

And her performance on the MTV Movie Awards?

Gag me.


Borderline embarrassing.

Tacky, cheap. She SO did not need the childish and tacky gimmicks. It probably even made Britney Spears’ stomach churn. The flashing LED heart over her lady parts? (see left) Oh, come ON, Christina.

You SO were NOT doing Pittsburgh proud with THAT one.

See, Lady GaGa does weird and it is ART. True art. Not just someone “saying” something is art, but actual, meaningful, cultural, art. Christina Aguilera does weird and it was … THAT. Tasteless. Vulgar. Trash. (When she actually HAS the talent to back it up, and shouldn’t HAVE to rely on cheap tricks and gimmicks….so frustrating!)

Do you guys think Xtina’s just trying REALLY hard (too hard?) to stay relevant?

I think she should take her own hints, get “stripped” (vocally) and go “back to basics.”  (Corny puns, I know!) When she lets her raw talent shine, she’s right on point.

She needs to chill with trying to out-Gaga GaGa …. she is SO talented…and can still be a little bit dirrty while, I don’t know … maybe growing up and “not” selling out?

Why give Perez Hilton any more ammo?

Just some thoughts. I want to hear yours… I’m not trying to bash Christina because she’s good, in fact, what I’m saying, is that she’s TOO good for what she’s resorted to….

:: Sidenote ::   I’ve yet to listen to ALL of Bionic. So, when I do, maybe I’ll give you a more thorough review of the album 😉

PS: Christina if you’re out there – I’m definitely willing to hear your side of things! Glitzburgh loves hometown stories, so, if you’re ever willing to give a small Pittsburgh blog a shot, here’s your forum, we’d love to have you!

6 Responses to “Thoughts on a Hometown Girl : Christina Aguilera – Copycat, Sell-Out, or Neither? And the Gaga vs. XTina Battle”

  1. Jstarr June 11, 2010 at 12:03 am #

    I think, to be honest, Xtina was probably bored with just singing, I mean its not challenging anymore. Look how boring Celine Dion and Whitney Houston are and as far as the Gaga copying goes there is proof both ways they both have worn similar outfits in the past but i doubt either one of them were thinking of eachother when doing so, even in the last few days people have been saying the outfits she has worn recently are Gaga-esque, a real Gaga fan would never think that Gaga’s style and clothing are way, Way more theatrical and over the top than Xtina even though Xtina has been dressing over the top and for years. The point i’m trying to make is I honestly don’t think there is any copying going on between these two if Perez hilton never brought that theory of his up the media wouldn’t have jumped on the bandwagon and alienated many Gaga fans who love christina but felt they needed to choose between the two because of the negative media coverage, by the way I have Bionic and I see none of Gaga in her music but its so ingrained in people that she is trying to copy her that they see Gaga in everything she does and its a shane because you are missing out on a really good album.

  2. Jstarr June 11, 2010 at 12:10 am #

    Oh and as far as the comment about Xtina saying Gaga is “fun to look at” wtf so what everyone feels the same way but somehow Gaga fans took offense to that many people watch the Grammys and MTV music awards just to see what kind of crazy outfit she will wear next, but once again Perez Hilton made it into another “controversy” and drove Gaga fans into a frenzy its a shame because i think had none of this stuff ever happened Xtina and Gaga would have gotten along great and probably colaborated an idea that is as good as dead now. smh

    • glitzburgh ™ June 11, 2010 at 12:41 am #

      I love both of them – I just think Christina needs to go a different route. I haven’t listened to all of Bionic yet but I hate that she lets so much of her talent go to waste, and, I hate that she hides behind, lets face it, CHEAP, tricks. As you and I both point it out, GaGa’s “theatrics” aren’t ‘stunts’….they are “art”….both ladies are SO talented…but I feel GaGa is ENHANCING her talents while Christina is SUPPRESSING hers. That’s the difference. But your’e right in that Perez Hilton started a controversy where there shouldn’t have been one. He’s tres annoying!

      • Jstarr June 11, 2010 at 3:13 am #

        Its a double edge sword though, If christina just sat on a stool and belted out songs critics and Perez would slam her for over singing and showing off, but when she tries to do something new with her vocals and restrain them she is a copy cat and a sellout and and using cheap tricks, i just think she should not be crucified for trying something new for her, for 10 years she just sang songs there were up tempo ones as well but not like the ones on the new album I just can’t wait to seee where she goes next its a shame she always has to play second fiddle to people less talented than her vocally.

      • glitzburgh ™ June 20, 2010 at 11:31 am #

        Here’s what I don’t get: why does showing off her voice equal boring? Just a thought. Prime example – Gaga’s song Speechless. Not boring at all, SHE is showing off her voice and it’s amazing. In fact, Gaga shows off her voice in a LOT of her songs and it’s still “pop” and yet still edgy and theatrical and artsy. Also, Christina did a LOT with Stripped. I mean that album was SO good. I wish she would have stayed on that path. I am not crucifying her. I think Bionic IS a good album, actually. I just don’t like the live performances she’s been doing – just a personal preference. It isn’t my taste. I just think that she’s better than that, I feel that it cheapens her VAST talent. I only say these things because I TOTALLY respect her as an artist. And to be honest? I don’t think she’d be “playing second fiddle” if she wouldn’t “try so hard” with the gimmicks. Make sense? But that’s just my opinion. Example: Britney. I’m a Britney fan. But, Britney knows not to try to do Christina or Mariah vocals – because she can’t. Britney knows not to go “street”. Britney knows she’s no avant garde artist like Gaga. Britney is just….Britney. And she owns it, and what you see is what you get. She’s never tried to be anything but a whole lotta “show.” Overproduced, America’s sweetheart gone a little trainwreck, and that’s fine. We know what Britney is and have come to accept that. I think Christina’s problem is that we’ve never really seen exactly WHO she is. We know she’s SO TALENTED but who IS Christina Aguilera? I just don’t think she’s someone who needs a flashing heart on her “Woo-Hoo.” I think she’s classier than that. And if she isn’t, to me, it almost seems like ALL of her AMAZING and pure talent is going to go to WASTE because NO ONE can see past a blinky LED light on the vajayjay! Do you see what I’m saying? How do you get people to see past cheap tricks like that? That’s all I’m saying. I love Christina, I want people to hear her voice, see HER, and NOT the WooHoo light. LOL.

  3. Luke Romesberg June 28, 2010 at 1:54 pm #

    It’s been evident since Xtincta’s Keep’s Getting Better – Decade of hits cover of the CD, that she was preparing to copy GaGa… look at GaGa’s The Fame, then Xtincta’s cover…

    She went from prep, to full blown copying. The Not Myself Tonight video and Bad Romance video are ridiculously similar.

    The thing is, I don’t even care if she copies GaGa, but it’s when she talks shit on her while copying is her what irks the hell out of me. Give the girl some credit and quit being a diva, bitch.

    At least GaGa admits that she was heavily influenced by Madonna for Alejandro… she hasn’t been claiming that the video is insanely original or anything. She gives credit where it’s due, and Xtincta, well, doesn’t.

    -End Rant-

    I’m sure if I met Xtincta she would never be as nice and kind to me as GaGa was. I’m willing to stake my life on it.

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