Movie Review: Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE … Love the Books, But The Movies Leave Me Wanting More…

14 Jul

Ok … I hate to say this but…Eclipse was just “okay.”

I love the Twilight series.

Wait, strike that. Let me rephrase: I love the Twilight BOOK series.

Also – I like Kristen Stewart. I like Taylor Lautner. I like Robert Pattinson. Conceivably, I SHOULD like the movies.

They just aren’t GOOD.

Don’t get me wrong: they entertain me. I will see every single one of them. I get goosebumps when I see the trailers for the next upcoming film.

However, that’s only because I’m in love with the romance, drama, and action of the BOOKS.

I also get caught up in the hooplah, the hype, and the whole pop culture phenomenon that IS the Twilight Saga.

It almost makes me forget how average – even below average – that the movies really are.

I do not know what is lacking, because, the books have it ALL. I mean, they are AMAZING. I always feel badly for people who have only seen the movies, and who have never read the entire book series, because, they are totally, 100% missing out on something magical.

The movies “should” rock. After seeing “Remember Me,” I learned that Robert Pattinson is actually an amazing actor. I can tell, too, that Kristen Stewart is also an amazingly gifted actress who truly cares about her craft, maybe more so than any of the others. Taylor Lautner, well, who cares if he can even act or not….look at him. (All kidding aside, he seems like a decent actor, as well.) And it isn’t like the movies aren’t making money, so, they have to have an awesome budget, right?

So — the ingredients are there – the books were genius, there are good actors on board, what seems to be a nice supporting cast (Anna Kendrick was nominated for an Oscar, right? And Peter Facinelli is a good actor, what gives?) – and there should be a big budget … so what is lacking?

Am I the only person that thinks this?

I thought that the 2nd movie, New Moon, was better than this one, though this one should have had a lot more romantic tension and action than what came through on screen. Something just always seems “lost in translation” to me. I said that after the FIRST  Twilight movie.

And one more thing:

ALL OF THE FIGHT SCENES IN THE TWILIGHT MOVIES ARE EXQUISITELY LAME. Come on! I get it, gotta keep a PG-13 rating for the kiddos, but CUT ME A BREAK. Super lame. Corny. Times TEN. No….times infinity!

Don’t get me wrong – there were some OMG amazingly romantic, butterfly-inducing moments in Eclipse. I’m still in love with Edward but crossed over to be borderline Team Jacob in this movie and found myself, on occasion, so wanting to BE Bella that it wasn’t even funny. I’m still a Twihard. I don’t mean to betray my kind. It’s just … I wanted it to be MORE than it was.

Maybe I’m just watching too much True Blood? Or has Vampire Diaries clouded my mind? Did I just hype it up too much in my head?


Ok, I’m going to go read Midnight Sun now.  Please don’t send the Volturi after me.

*Hides from mobs of angry Twilight fans*

3 Responses to “Movie Review: Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE … Love the Books, But The Movies Leave Me Wanting More…”

  1. Mer July 14, 2010 at 10:54 pm #

    Thank you for recognizing that these books are indeed captivating and magical. I always read the book before I see any movie because movies simply cannot capture it all. It simply isn’t possible in any case, but particularly with these books. Even though Eclipse is the best so far obviously due to available funds, it’s kind of sad to think what Twilight and New Moon could and should have been. I agree Eclipse is by far the better movie and sticks to the story line of the book, but even though it was a beautiful movie, there was still room for improvement. I very seldom read a book more than once, but I’ve read these books 3 times and wish they could redo the movies to really do them justice. Thank you for your article and for recognizing Stephanie Meyers marvelous talent. She has left us with a gift that will last us a lifetime!

  2. Tina July 15, 2010 at 12:40 pm #

    Think of the movies as clif notes. They will never be as good as the full deal, and there will alwasy be pieces missing that you wish were not. Our expectations are too high to be met. We want it all and we can never get that. Besides, a budget of 68 mil is not exactly high in this day and age, and a chunk of that goes to the actors who get more for each movie. I don’t think you can take a first person book and turn it into a GREAT movie while the fans are still rabid. Look how long it took them to make Interview with a Vampire.

  3. Sue August 5, 2010 at 10:04 pm #

    I totally agree with you….I love the books, with Eclipse being my favorite. I guess I keep expecting them to be closer to the book. The movie was ok, but the fight scene which I thought would have lasted longer was about 5 mins. It also seemed like Bella was always chastising Edward in front of Jacob. Every scene seemed to fly by. I loved Jasper in this movie, his back story was very short, Rosalie’s was even shorter. I too saw Remember Me and loved it, Rob was amazing in it. I think Taylor was very good in New Moon & Eclipse. But unfortunately Kristen Stewart always plays her with no emotion. In the books Bella is deeply in love with Edward in awe of him….but that didn’t come across in this movie. You almost thought she cared for Jacob more.
    I finally realized after 3 movies, that they are not like the books…which I probably read all of them at least 10 in the last year!! I can’t get enough!!!!

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