Singer Jordin Sparks Rocks a Zang Toi Dress

15 Feb

At Sunday’s 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, singer Jordin Sparks was seen on the red carpet working a custom-made red gown by designer Zang Toi.

The Pittsburgh tie-in? Zang Toi was the main attraction at the first annual Pittsburgh Fashion Week held in the Fall of 2010.

See pics below of me with the designer, and Jordin Sparks wearing one of his designs.

2 Responses to “Singer Jordin Sparks Rocks a Zang Toi Dress”

  1. Jamie February 18, 2011 at 2:37 pm #

    The only reason you put this is to put a picture up of you with your tacky hair style. The pittsburgh connection is how out of date your highlights are and one fashion show in a small town not a real city is hardly newsworthy….must be bored

    • glitzburgh ™ March 5, 2011 at 1:33 pm #

      First off, it was a week of fashion shows, not one show….and he is an international and well-known, highly-acclaimed fashion designer. I only approved this comment because, though you should be ashamed of it, I’m open-minded, and so I’d like others to see your thoughts – after all, you put it out there. Not only are you insulting me, a person you do not even know, but you are also insulting this city that MOST Pittsburghers are PROUD OF. (*I’m* bored? Sorry, but *I* don’t troll around on the Internet leaving nasty blog comments….and I just had brain surgery and had some of my tacky hair shaved. Do you want to make fun of that, too, since you are so kind??)

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