Lady GaGa: You Either Love Her or Hate Her…I Love Her. Check out her new video here

5 Mar

Lady Gaga is a walking set of contradictions – and I LOVE it, because, after all , so are so many of us. Her well-rounded character makes her, well, as close to human as Lady Gaga can be.

She is deeply religious but also does and says so many things that blatantly go against her faith – after all, she’s imperfect like the rest of us…..and God makes no mistakes! She has been called a Madonna and Grace Jones  copycat, however, in many aspects of her life and her career, she is boldly original and often oddly unique. She understands the fame game and is both defined by it yet also the definition of it. She often practices celibacy while having music videos that are oft racy and sexed-up. More than just a “pop tart” like many of her counterparts are, Lady Gaga is deep, and very intelligent. Both shamelessly living her life in public and sharing her thoughts with the world, she’s also intensely introverted and private. She lives for her fans and the “character” of Lady Gaga isn’t a character or a facade at all – it’s just her. And I love every awkward bit of it

Nothing if not intriguing, Lady Gaga has sparked many a debate, and is one of those polarizing figures who you either love or hate. I love her, and the fact that I was both  appalled and amazed by her new video proves why. More than just a singer, Gaga is truly a creative mind and a real performance artist. If nothing else, she’s someone who knows how to keep us talking about her!

Feast your eyes, Little Monsters …. ‘cuz she was Born This Way:

4 Responses to “Lady GaGa: You Either Love Her or Hate Her…I Love Her. Check out her new video here”

  1. Jamie March 7, 2011 at 5:07 pm #

    what’s to love? someone who steals ideas, admits to doing drugs and only writes when she is “high”….we could all do a line of coke and come up with the stupid shit she calls fashion thats just taken from other people. This is just another product of privledged rich parents taking advantage of small town people who are wowed with her shock factor that is actually just normal in cities

    • glitzburgh ™ March 7, 2011 at 5:22 pm #

      As I stated, you either love or hate her. But, as you’re a continual ‘hater’ on all of my posts, it doesn’t surprise me that you fall into the latter category. To each their own, darling 🙂 (According to your IP address, you’re in Pittsburgh, too….funny that you make negative references about it all the time…and for someone who doesn’t like me or my blog, you keep coming back, don’t ya? 😉

  2. Jamie March 11, 2011 at 12:49 pm #

    Im stuck in this hell hole on work and somehow am on your mailing list because I get these stupid updates. Please remove me! I also try and find things to do around this town and besides drinking and eating unhealthy food people around here do nothing. I should of researched that a cheap city means it is just that, cheap.

  3. glitzburgh ™ March 11, 2011 at 12:56 pm #

    Firstly, you are not on a mailing list bc I don’t have one. Glitzburgh blog subscriptions are opt-in. Secondly, you make a lot of rude generalizations. Thirdly, sorry you’re so unhappy with life. But don’t take it out on me! Try something a little more productive. Lastly, Pgh has a lot to offer if you’d let it!

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