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27 Apr

Glitzburgh is going to Oprah!!!!!

That is all.

Some Dane Cook in honor of the big trip …

Ultra Marathon Runner Dean Karnazes and the Regis & Kelly Show Run Across America…to Green Tree!

27 Apr

Today, ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes of “Regis and Kelly” fame brought his “Run Across America” right here to Pittsburgh.

Karnazes – who was one of TIME Magazine’s “Most Influential” People, has been running across the country and will finish on May 9th in New York City at the LIVE! With Regis & Kelly studios.

Today’s 5K running event took place at a local elementary school – Aiken Elementary, in Green Tree – and included not only Karnazes but also students, teachers, families, runners, and even the likes of Andrew Stockey and the Pirate Parrot. The event was filmed for a segment soon to be aired on the LIVE! With Regis & Kelly Show.

You can learn more about Dean’s journey, here:

Some photos from the event:

Casting Notifications – Pittsburgh

27 Apr
Casting for “The Dark Knight Rises”
 There is no casting or contact information available just yet.  Keep checking the Glitzburgh Twitter feed for updates.
Vehicles needed for “Perks of Being A Wallflower”

Summit Entertainment is looking or vehicles from 1970 to 1991 to be featured in their film “The Perks of Being A Wallflower” being filmed in the Pittsburgh area May 9th to June 29th with Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller.

If you are interested in putting your car in the movie, please call 412-572-5232.

Nancy Mosser Casting seeking a 7-8 Year old boy for “Perks of Being A Wallflower”

Nancy Mosser Casting is looking for a 7-8 year old boy to play “Little Charlie” in the feature film “Perks of Being a Wallflower” shooting in Pittsburgh beginning May 10th.  There are a few speaking lines, but no experience is necessary.  The child will be needed for approximately four days of filming.  The boy must have brown hair and blue eyes.  No hair dye or contacts will be allowed.  If you have a boy that fits this description or know of one, please send a very recent photo as soon as possible.

Nancy Mosser Casting handling extras and speaking roles for “Perks of Being A Wallflower”

Nancy Mosser Casting has been hired to cast local speaking parts and extras for the feature film “Perks of Being a Wallflower” which will shoot in Pittsburgh starting in May.

Actors and those wishing to be extras should create a free profile at (see talent registration).

Those already on file with Mosser Casting should make sure that their profile has two recent photos posted (one medium or closeup and one full length shot) and that their contact information is up to date.

For information please email us at  No phone calls please at this time.

“Still I Rise” seeking a COSTUME FITTING STAND-IN

Fourth River Casting is seeking a costume fitting stand-in for Viola Davis for the production STILL I RISE.Thisposition is for costume-fitting purposes only, not for Ms. Davis’ shooting stand-in, but applicants will be given first consideration for other open positions.

The ideal candidate is an African-American woman with darker skin coloring (photos of Ms. Davis can be seen here-, approximately 5′ 7″, 150#, who wears size 8 clothing with size 9 shoes. More detailed info will be sent to qualified applicants. Applicants must be available on Wednesday, April 27th, from 9 am to 1 pm.

For consideration, please send an e-mail to with VIOLA DAVIS as the subject. Include headshot, full body photograph, (these do not need to be professionally taken photographs but do need to provide an accurate image), contact information including phone number, and description of relevant experience. We will be contacting people immediately. Thanks!

Extras casting for “Still I Rise”

FourthRiverCasting is accepting submissions for background artists for the feature film, STILL I RISE.  To be considered, please follow the guidelines below.

Applications that do not follow the directions detailed will be deleted.

The story of STILL I RISE- Two strong women, both mothers, one a teacher, channel frustration into action, joining forces to transform an inner city school. Facing the obstacles of a broken bureaucracy, they persevere with a singular goal —  to make a difference in the educations and lives of their children. Inspired by events that are creating headlines daily, this empowering story explores what may be the most pressing civil rights issue of our time:  the crisis of public education in America.

STILL I RISE will be shooting in the Pittsburgh area from mid-May through early July. Submissions for background artists of all ages are being accepted.

There is a special need for children who appear eight years old for this project. Some children will be needed for only one day of shooting, but we are also looking for many who can commit to a few days to appear in classroom scenes. If you are the parent of a child who is or appears to be in this age range, please submit information as soon as possible. All children will be interviewed prior to casting.

Please send an email to with the following information:








DESCRIPTION OF PREVIOUS EXTRA EXPERIENCE (no experience is necessary, but we’d like to know if you’ve done background work before.)

For children’s submissions, please also include-




For all applications, please include an attachment of a photograph. It doesn’t need to be professionally done, but needs to show a good likeness and include face and body. Please do not ask us to visit another site. If you have a resume, you may attach it as well.

Submissions for adults must have STILL I RISE as the subject of the e-mail; submissions for children must have STILL I RISE-CHILDREN.

You will be contacted by telephone or e-mail when scheduling begins. Again, only applications that follow the instructions will be accepted. NO PHONE CALLS ARE BEING ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME.

Thank you for your interest, and looking forward to working with you!

Lissa Brennan, Director

Short film casting principles and zombie extras

WHAT: As part of Leadership Pittsburgh’s Leadership Development Initiative program, 50 emerging and high potential leaders produce PopUp! Pittsburgh, an event designed to raise awareness for a Pittsburgh neighborhood. This year’s project is a 10-15 minute film that will show the glorious past, the downfall, and the recovery and new future of the neighborhood as seen through characters in the neighborhood fighting against zombies that represent the social issues of the neighborhood.



Young African American Male 11-14
Females Ages 30-40
Males Ages 30-45
Older Males 50-65
Young Children Ages 4-10
Young Females 16-20
Young Males16-20
Tons of Zombie Extras all ages!!!!!!
Casting for indie film “Ticket…To…Ride.”
Casting Call For Paid Postions Of Independent Super Ultra Low Budget Film “Ticket…Two…Ride.”  A J.T.C. Film.
Inquire to J.T.C. at “A Murder Of Crows Productions LLC” in “Casting” in email at .
Headshots, Contact number and email, Resume, and Goals Of The Industry Needed.  If You Have An Education Of The Industry, Or Do Not, All Will Be Up For Consideration For This Film, Or the Next Out Of Eleven Original Screenplay Novels Written By Myself, J.T.C..
All Including This Film Take Place In Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.
1 Male Lead Role With Experience, Black Hair (or does not mind dying hair black), Thin like build
 (in his twenties and looks of that age in youth)
All Below For The Independent Film Feature As Co-Stars:
Jane- Hostess (female in her twenties)
Mandy- Waitress (female in her twenties)
Luke- Bartender (male in his twenties)
Dan-  A regular of a middle class bar/restraunt (male in between forty and fifty)
Gina- A regular of a middle class bar/restraunt (female in between forty and fifty)
Rosyln- Mother To Male Lead Role (female in her fifties)
Justin- Boyfriend to female lead role (male in his twenties)
Connie- Sister to female lead role (female whom is in their twenties but looks like they are in their teens)
Bonnie- Cashier in fast food joint (female in her twenties)
Kent- Female lead roles “Go to Man” (male in his twenties)
Dean- a regular in bar/restraunt (male in his forties to sixties)
Rog (short for Roger)- a regular in bar/restraunt (male in his forties to sixties)
Jefferey- a regular in bar/restraunt (male in his forties to sixties)
Ron- Bartender in bar/restraunt (male in his twenties)
Shelly- Ex girlfriend of lead male role (female in her twenties)
Chris- lead male roles “Go to Man” (male in his twenties)
Kupe C. Diamond-  “The Man And His Decision Maker” (male who looks of age between fifties and seventies)
Brandie-  Gas station attendent (female in her twenties)
J. Smith- Mysterious Motorcylclist (male in his forties or thirties)
Filming Begins In Early October 2011 In The Northern Area Of Allgheny County.  Including North Hills, Hampton, And Evans City.
For Those Whom Are Co-Stars, It Will Be Of One Day’s Worth Of Oppurtunity For All The Parts Have Lines And Screentime.  Around Five To Eight Hours Or Less In That One Day Of Filming is needed.
For The Lead Role, It Will Be Five To Eight Hours In One Day For Two Straight Weeks At The Most. And One Week With Five To Eight Hours In Those Days At The Least.
Inquire About Payment So There Is An Understanding Of Payment Due As It Is A Super Ultra Low Budget Film Of Independence So No One Wastes Anyones Time Or Money For A Meeting/Audition.
There Will Be No Rehearsals.
Good Luck Fellow Independent Pioneers!
Pittsburgh IMPROV ACADEMY Now Open

Now available in Pittsburgh,

Professional Comedy Instruction: THE IMPROV ACADEMY now in Lawrenceville Pittsburgh.

Learn how to Improvise, Write Sketches and Create Characters like the Pro’s.

This is not theater games! Learn the exact methods of Improvisation taught to the greats, such as Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Paul Rubens, Phil Hartman…

Actors, Comedians, Writers and Directors are encouraged to join, or those who want to know how they create and write for shows such as SNL and MAD TV.

The Improv Academy combines the most effective exercises from the Best improvisational Schools in the Country: Groundlings LA, Second City Chicago, Upright Citizens Brigade NYC.

Each session is 16 hours, take advantage of the low introductory price now! For all other info go to:


Pop Singer Ke$ha To Party with PITT Students This Afternoon

10 Apr

Pop star Ke$ha is headlining this year’s University of Pittsburgh “Bigelow Bash” today from 1:30-4:30 PM in a free, students-only concert.

According to an official statement from university officials, no outside press coverage will be allowed. (Trust me – I’ve already tried to score an interview or media pass!)

Pop singer Ke$ha, who has never played Pittsburgh, has done quite a few college shows in recent months. With her eccentric, somewhat….dirty….looks and her fierce, undeniably catchy hooks, this pop diva is sure to “party til they shut her down.”

So, if you’re a PITT student, grab your glitter and secure your spot on Bigelow for what promises to be, if nothing else, an entertaining show.

Ultra Marathoner Dean Karnazes Runs Across America to a Local School for the Regis & Kelly Show – YOU Can Join In!

8 Apr
Dean on Regis & Kelly

Dean on Regis & Kelly

Ultra Marathon runner Dean Karnazes is doing a “Run Across America” for the ever-so-popular Regis and Kelly Show! Along the way, he’ll stop at 12 schools across the country – one of which is Aiken Elementary of the Keystone Oaks School District. Yup – that’s right – a segment for the Regis and Kelly Show will be filmed right here in Pittsburgh.

You can even register to join in the fun and run in a 5K with Karnazes.

The run is for an organization called, “Action for healthy Kids,” and all proceeds benefit this nonprofit that promotes health and wellness for kids.

It is an honor that Aiken Elementary  was selected, and it’s sure to be a fun-filled morning!

This event takes place at Aiken Elementary School in Green Tree. It is Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 at 9am. You can learn more by calling 212-691-2200 or by contacting Aiken. Also, for more information or to register, you can visit and click on Regis & Kelly’s Run Across America.

To learn more about Dean Karnazes, you can visit his site at


Britney’s HOT New Video: Til The World Ends on VEVO – Check it out…

8 Apr

It’s Britney, Bitch! The femme fatale is looking as good as ever in the sexy, albeit apocalyptic, video for her hot new single, ‘Til the World Ends off her most recent album, Femme Fatale, which is her 6th #1 album! Congrats, Brit Brit! (PS: This is probably honestly one of my favorite Britney hits!)  Enjoy …


Style Guru Tim Gunn Talks Fashion, Project Runway, and Personal Style

8 Apr
Tim Gunn, Pittsburgh

Tim Gunn, Pittsburgh

Style guru Tim Gunn – best-selling author, Liz Claiborne brands chief creative officer, and fashion consultant – is best known for hosting the hit TV show, Project Runway, but last weekend, he gave Pittsburghers some advice on style at a fashion show featuring looks from Kate Spade, Lucky Brand Jeans, and Juicy Couture.

What are Tim’s all-time tips and advice for spring?

* Mixing patterns is hot right now…but be sure to do it correctly. Keep your patterns in the same color family, and make sure that they are distinct enough from one another.

* Cropped pants – they aren’t for everyone! With very little exception, people with shorter legs should probably stay away from cropped or “capri” pants as they often cut you off at the calf or ankle, making the legs appear even shorter.

* Own a classic button-down collared white shirt.

* A bright-colored, bold jacket (think: bright pink!) can be a perfect accessory this time of year, whether you pair it with jeans, a tee, and boat shoes, or a dress fit for cocktail hour.

* Bare midriffs: almost always a no-no, according to Mr. Gunn. (Though some may disagree: peekaboo cut-outs in the midriff region have been showing up on some of our favorite fashionistas! It can be done tastefully, however, and doesn’t have to be a throwback to Britney Spears circa 1999.)

* Dress for your body type, and your style. Gunn isn’t a big fan of “trends” and advises sticking to classic staples that work best for you.

Trends shown on the runway included Navajo-inspired prints, the aforementioned pattern-mixing, pineapples and bright colors

Me, Tim Gunn, Shyala

Me, Tim Gunn, Shyala

from Kate Spade, bohemian looks from Lucky, and whimsical pieces from Juicy Couture. Gunn also dished on some behind-the-scenes dirt on Project Runway – from Gretchen and Kenley’s off-air antics to (jokingly) accusing Heidi Klum of smoking crack due to some of her choices….but his best takeaway of the day was twofold: “be yourself” and, just as importantly, “BE NICE!”

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Event Tonight! Flawless Fashions at WHIM!

8 Apr

Tonight, Pittsburgh, there is a fashion event not to be missed, so mark your calendars and pick out an outfit for this fun Friday night occasion.

Sponsored by Veev Vodka and Diana Rua Media, “Flawless Fashion and All That Jazz” will showcase new Pittsburgh fashion boutique, Flawless Fashions, with hair and Dior makeup being done by Contempo Artistries, one of the area’s hottest salons!

Flawless Fashions boutique will show off a sampling of their new hip and trendy Spring looks, including their signature one of a kind accessories.

This sure-to-excite fashion show will feature not only models in fabulous new styles, but also unique dance presentations in the Burlesque and Cabaret styles.

Dress to impress, and, if you’re underage, sorry! Guests need to be 21+ with valid ID.

The event is to be held at WHIM Night Club, with doors opening at 9pm. They’re bringing the “wow” factor with this one, and will be sure not to disappoint!

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