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Pittsburgh Gives Back- By Natalie DeBarto

21 Dec

It’s that time of year to give back to the community, and Pittsburghers are in full force. There are so many opportunities to give back, and not all of them involve a hefty donation of money. Some spare change is enough to change lives.

Around the holiday season, the Red Kettles and the sound of bells is a universal sign of the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is an organization devoted to helping out the communities in which it resides.

These Red Kettles are settled in front of shops and buildings all through the Pittsburgh area. These bells are being rung by volunteers from this area.

It’s not too late to help out; any spare change is beneficial to the cause. All of the money from the Salvation Army “Red Kettles” goes to provide services in the Pittsburgh Area; from shelters for the homeless to after school programs for at-risk children.

Stop at the next Red Kettle you see and throw some spare change in to help the cause, after all, every penny counts.