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Glitzburgh Glam: Peppermint Twist Holiday Nails By Natalie DeBarto

24 Dec

As we all know, holiday parties require a lot of preparation, and the nails are just a small part. Try this easy-to-do nail idea to save you time, money, and keep you glamorous for the holidays!

Step 1: Base coat.

Always start with a strengthening base coat. This helps the polish last longer, and it protects your nails.

Step 2: Shimmery red polish.

Use Two even coats of your favorite red nail polish, and let dry.

Step 3: White stripes.

Using a thin white nail design paint. Paint white stripes evenly across all the nails and let dry.

Step 4: Top coat.

Finally, paint the top coat over top to protect your nails and help keep the polish on. `

Sport these nails to all of the holiday parties this year, and you’ll make all your friends  jealous.