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Dear Ben Roethlisberger…I have an offer you can’t refuse…

11 Jun

Dear Ben Roetlisberger,

(And I say this to Ben Roethlisberger and not Big Ben…)

If you’re reading this…

I may not have given you much of a chance in the past, but I want to now.

I know you’re busy doing the interview circuit with the traditional news media, and that’s to be expected.

Unfortunately, there is a large portion of us who get most, if not all, of our news online….from Twitter, from Facebook, from RSS feeds and from blogs.

Sadly, these may have been the very entities that tore you down in the first place.

Luckily, they may be the very entities that can, likewise, lift you back up!

Naturally, it’s going to take a lot more than a few interviews to redeem yourself in the eyes of Pittsburgh – especially with us young ladies.

That being said, I think that a lot of us, though skeptical still, are willing to give you a chance.

I am.

While I’m still pretty hesitant on a personal level – after all, I am a girl, and I’m a Steeler fan, and I felt that you disgraced “my” team and what we stand for – I’m willing to give you a chance on a PROFESSIONAL level.

I heard a local radio talk show host suggest your doing a local blog interview as part of your PR-revamping extravaganza.

Maybe he was joking, maybe he wasn’t.

I took him seriously, and I implore you to consider to do so, as well.

The offer’s out here, in the open, and on the table. Collaborate with Glitzburgh. I have a pretty decent following, a nice readership, and am asking nothing in return….well, other than free publicity.

If you would like to know my credentials, I’m a published writer, work for a nonprofit by day, and, I’ve actually been voted best blogger in Pittsburgh, if that helps sway your  (meaning “your people’s”) opinion any. Really, if you want to know any more about me, you can always follow me on Twitter – I was voted “who to follow on Twitter,” too, after all (@BuellaMarie)

I’m just sayin’ – here’s a platform – you probably need all the help you can get. That might sound harsh, but this is coming from a church-going, animal-loving, heart-of-gold, upstanding type of gal. Honestly.

Basically, I’ll give you an open forum to say what you want. Things that maybe you haven’t gotten to say yet. Things that maybe you want to say to a younger audience or to a certain demographic, in a more casual “atmosphere” (for lack of a better term.)

Think about it. The offer stands. Consider it for Pittsburgh.

I’d say to have your people call my people, but, I AM my people.

With the best intentions, take it or leave it,

Ashley 🙂


Big Ben Article in Sports Illustrated: Is his Image Beyond Repair?

7 May

I pose this question to EVERYONE – PR professionals, women, Steeler fans, sports analysts, old ladies, religious zealots, people who care, people who don’t care – is Big Ben’s image beyond repair? Moreoever, does it deserve repair? Does he deserve a 2nd chance?

If you haven’t read the 5-page article on Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in Sports Illustrated yet, read it. (And, to you, from me, a present – here’s the link: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1169185/index.htm)

We already knew the facts: young, super star quarterback. Was in a motorcycle accident. Was accused of sexual assault once. Then again. Rumors swirled of more “covered up” allegations. All of the sudden, local radio stations were swarmed with phone calls from young women talking about what a jerk he was to them, and so on.

That type of backlash was to be expected.

Then former teammates started dishing that he was never liked among his peers in the locker room. And now this. This article digs a little deeper. Bar owners and people who claim to have known Ben for awhile shed more light on the story. He was cheap, rude, arrogant, disrespectful, crude to women, and so on. The author of the article told KDKA yesterday that, if he’d wanted to, he could have made Ben look A LOT WORSE if he’d wanted to.

Well, Ben already looks pretty bad, so that isn’t saying a whole lot, now is it?

My question is this: can Big Ben’s image be repaired, or has the damage been done? Is a winning season and some counseling sessions enough? What about community service? What if he dates a nice girl? Goes to church? I mean what WOULD help this guy? I can’t even fathom what it would take to change MY personal opinion of him now.

Who IS doing his PR, anyway? First off, who LET him “apologize” with the mullet? For someone trying to convince the world he wasn’t a rapist, he certainly didn’t hire the right stylist. He could have at LEAST taken the time to shave. Or bathe. I mean, the mullet was bad enough. But the fact that it looked like he hadn’t seen a shower in weeks? Gross.

A part of me – the kindhearted, forgiving, see-the-good-in-everyone, part of me, wants to be able to be sympathetic to Ben. I want to say, hey, Ben, give me a call – I’ll give you the chance to tell YOUR side of the story. Totally unabashedly, without judgement, and honestly. And then, I want to actually BELIEVE what he says.

Notice I said I WANT to be able to do that all. But I can’t. I can’t bring myself to change how I feel, and what I feel, is that, seemingly, he’s kind of a jerk. Do I know him personally? No. Am I saying he deserves all of this? I don’t know. As I said, I don’t know him, I don’t know what’s true and what isn’t. I will say this, though – guilty or not, he’s made some mistakes. He needs to do something to turn his life around, and, if he wants to stick around in Pittsburgh, and if he EVER wants to gain back the respect of Steeler Nation (does he even DESERVE the respect of Steeler Nation?!?) he needs to do SOMETHING to repair his image.

But what?

That’s what I want to know. What can he do? I don’t even know. What are all of YOUR thoughts??

Rap Superstar Eminem mentions Steelers QB Big Ben in new freestyle, “Despicable”

1 May

A new Eminem freestyle song entitled “Despicable” went viral late this week.

As usual, it’s genius, albeit laced with clever inappropriateness, vulgarities, and obscenities.

The twist?

Pittsburghers will love this one: towards the beginning of the song, he mentions man of the hour (or, well, not so much …) Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger a.k.a. “Big Ben.”

The line says, “I’d rather turn this club into a bar room brawl. Get as rowdy as Roethlisberger in a bathroom stall.”

If you really want to hear the song, Google it. I don’t want to post a link to it because, well, as aforementioned, the song is pretty explicit.

I don’t know whether it is a good or a bad thing that Eminem is rapping about Big Ben, but, it certainly showed that he’s crossed into the throes of pop culture iconoclasm and has now been immortalized in song, for better, or, for worse.

Personally, I’d rather have a lesser-known quarterback than one who is suddenly “infamous” tabloid-fodder and the subject of an Eminem lyric. But, that’s just me. I guess, in a way, it’s KIND OF, by SOME stretch of the imagination, SORT OF cool.

Ok ….. not really.

Pics of the Day: Lady GaGa Crazy Shoes + Big Ben Crazy Mullet!

13 Apr

I want to start posting a Glitzburgh “Photo of the Day” – But today, it’s too tough to call.

First, Lady GaGa wears some mighty-interesting (and UNCOMFORTABLE) shoes to an airport in Japan. Her expensive Hermes bag has a message to her fans saying she “loves her little monsters” and she strikes her signature pose just days after proclaiming celibacy and encouraging her fans to do the same. All that aside, WHO WEARS THOSE shoes?? LOL

Second up – Our Steelers Quarterback “Big Ben” Roethlisberger goes on national television to tell us that he is NOT a rapist….looking like this??

VERY glad that he “cleaned up” for his meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell today. The Steelers should consider suspending him just for that hair-do. Benny-boy: didn’t you get the memo? Mullet-free is the way to be since 1991!

STEELERS: Santonio Holmes TRADED & Big Ben News…

12 Apr

Well, it looks like the Steelers won’t have to worry about Holmes’ reported 4-game suspension.

Why, you ask? The Rooneys are FED UP and have had enough, and are “breaking up” with Santonio.  Santonio Holmes has been traded to the New York Jets for a 5th round draft pick. Sources say that this was the best offer on the table — and, had the Steelers not been able to make this trade, they would have out-and-out CUT Holmes. The Steelers have had enough.

While the team will surely miss his on-the-field talent, the Steelers organization and fans will likely not miss his off-the-field behavior. (Though, so far, this trade has not yet provoked Holmes to encourage anyone’s suicide via social media.)

Some people are criticizing this move, but I think that it was a good decision. After all, the Steelers organization is about more than on-field skills and is a team that prides itself on more than just winning. While Holmes is a great player, the Steelers do not need his BS or his baggage…this is one franchise that has a reputation to uphold!

So, New York, enjoy your clearance item. How does it feel to get a Super Bowl MVP on sale?

Let’s hope that no other Steelers become “damaged goods.”

If I were Jeff Reed and Big Ben, I’d watch my off-field antics a little more carefully, and beware those drunken shenanigans.

PS: Big Ben press conference today at 2:00 pm EST. While ESPN reported that Roethlisberger would NOT face sexual assault charges, some sources are reporting (as recently as yesterday and today) that a final decision in Roethlisberger’s case could be months away. Additionally, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to meet with Ben at some point THIS WEEK. Stay tuned!

STEELERS Update: News on BIG BEN Roethlisberger and SANTONIO Holmes cases!

10 Apr

Steelers quarterback “Big Ben” Roethlisberger will learn his fate on Monday, April 12th, 2010. While his attorney suspects that NO charges will be filed; there has been no official disclosure on what the Georgia D.A. has actually decided. A decision has been made in the case, though,  and will be revealed in an official press conference on Monday at 2pm at the Baldwin County Courthouse.

While the details of the investigation have been under lockdown and the parties involved are remaining tight-lipped, Ben’s lawyer claims that “all signs are pointing towards no charges being filed” against Roethlisberger in the sexual assault case. While no official decision has been released, ESPN has already jumped the gun in reporting on this suspicion: that no charges will be filed. Roethlisberger fans are surely hoping that they are correct. It sounds like good news for the QB.

As for Santonio Holmes, he has still been “tweeting away” and still faces accusations that he assaulted a woman in a Florida night club but throwing a drink on her as a verbal, “heated” argument ensued. (Though his attorney is now filing audio evidence to the contrary.)

However, now there is even MORE trouble for Steelers’ receiver Santonio Holmes. Today, multiple sources are reporting that Holmes will face a 4-game suspension at the beginning of the season, for allegedly violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Details are still murky, and it is unclear whether he missed a drug test or was “caught” with an illegal substance in his system.

Fans are growing increasingly frustrated with the Steelers quarterback and receiver. Ben has earned nicknames like “Rapistberger” due to his two separate sexual assault accusations, while many suspect that this will be the last year Holmes will play for Pittsburgh. Just in the past few weeks, Holmes has had the assault charges filed against him, told a fan to “go kill himself” via Twitter, and now, faces a substance abuse violation, in addition to past marijuana charges, domestic abuse charges, and nude photos online.

Steeler Nation can only hope that these guys get it together and shape up in time for the season, so that their personal shortcomings will not be a distraction to the team. It is a shame that these unfortunate personal choices are tarnishing the always-upstanding image of the Steeler organization.

Do these photos below depict what a STEELER *should* represent??    😦

Another Steelers Uh-Oh: First Roethlisbeger, now Holmes – Santonio’s Assault Accusations and My Thoughts…

29 Mar

Is Papa Rooney going to have to take a break from Ireland to fly in to the ‘Burgh to lay down the law?

What is with the recent string of Steelers’ infractions? (Jeff Reed, Big Ben, now this, to name a few?)

Steelers Wide Receiver – and Super Bowl XLIII MVP – is being sued by a Florida woman for alleged assault, battery, and infliction of emotional distress. The woman claims that Holmes allegedly  threw a glass of liquor at her at Orlando club Rain following an apparent dispute over seating in the VIP section where Holmes lost his temper and assaulted her.

She also claims that she was going to press charges, but that Holmes and the police department pressured her not to due to his standing as an NFL super star.

As of now, she is filing a civil lawsuit against him, seeking at least $15,000 and whatever else the court deems appropriate in regards to the situation.

Santonio posted his thoughts on Twitter today (maybe not the best move from a PR standpoint) saying, “Before anyone decides to state unknown fact please do research 1st. In the end it makes you look like the fool” (which is true, but probably not wise for him to tweet about) and telling his Twitter fans to “find something else to gossip about” in addition to talking about “living the Good Life” in reference to a Kanye West song. Some followers and local media outlets have claimed that his “tweets” seemed smug and cocky, and that his reaction isn’t appropriate given the situation.

Holmes told Rachel Nichols of ESPN that, “the matter will be put to bed within 24 hours.” This is his 4th run-in with the law; the other charges including domestic violence, possession of marijuana, and disorderly conduct.  (Not to mention, those infamous naked shower photos.) So far, the Steelers and the NFL have not commented.

My personal belief is that these guys are getting out of line. They get paid unfathomable amounts of money to do something that they love – they should at least have the decency and respect to represent their team with class and respect. Maybe Tomlin should schedule a character-building workshop?

Or, is he a part of the problem? As one friend put it, maybe Tomlin is putting too much trust in his players to be responsible and make mature, careful decisions. (After all, not all of them are sweet, religious, stand-up citizens like Troy Polamalu .)

But is Tomlin putting TOO much trust in his players to behave off the field? Is this the right thing to do? These are twentysomething young men, with more money than they know what to do with, who are used to being idolized and getting what they want. The character and morale of athletes in general seems to have went down. Gone is a sense of accountability and grateulness, replaced with a sense of entitlement and invincibility.

Regardless of the situations, guilty or innocent, gold-diggers or truth-tellers – athletes like Ben Roethliesberger and Santonio Holmes – ESPECIALLY since they represent the integrity of the Steelers franchise and the pride of Pittsburgh – should be more careful about putting themselves in potentially precarious situations.

The worst thing that I read today is that, “The Steelers are the New Bengals.” Please, no.

And Tomlin? Maybe he needs to set some boundaries and stop acting like the step-parent who just wants his kids to like him, letting them do whatever they want as his “family” (i.e. the team, fans, the city) suffers because of it. I am not blaming him, but someone needs to encourage these guys to get their acts together.

Apparently, Roger Goodell still wants to speak with Big Ben, but the Holmes incident isn’t as pressing a matter. I’m sure that the Rooneys will talk to Holmes on these accusations, however, and  Tomlin will likely comment on it to the public at some point.

What do you guys think? Will all of the media frenzy and these silly accusations and immature infractions distract the Steelers for the upcoming season?

I do value them all as players and respect them on an athletic level, and I am sure that they aren’t all bad guys per se. After all, everyone makes mistakes, but Steelers players DO need to value their role as representatives of our team, our city, and one of the most legendary franchises in NFL history.

Here’s hoping that Holmes is right and that, $15,000 later, this matter is put to bed in no time, for the sake of Pittsburgh and the sake of the team. Isn’t the Ben situation enough?

The Year of the Cheating Heart (Talking to you, Tiger, Jesse, Reggie…the list goes on…)

26 Mar

South Park did a spoof on it. It is a “Hot Topic” on The View almost daily. What, you ask?

Famous leading cheating men. (See their ‘sex addiction’ spoof here. Mature content. But funny.)

There’s been political scandal after political scandal – John Edwards, Mark Sanford, and Elliot Spitzer to name a few.

There’s been celebrity breakups all over the news, fueled by men cheating on their significant others — most recently, David Letterman, Tiger Woods, Jesse James, and, now, possibly Reggie Bush.

Sure, it’s also the year of the IDIOT man, too (Chris Brown, anyone? Kanye West? I’m sure I’m forgetting others, lol!) and the “alleged” idiot men (Ben Roethlisberger, anyone? Sorry. I’m a diehard Steelers fan, but guilty or innocent, he puts himself in one precarious and irresponsible situation after another. but the whole “wandering eye” thing in particular has been taken to a whole new level of disrespect, and, if you ask me, a whole new level of pathetic.

Is sex addiction real? Sure. Is it an excuse for every time a wealthy or famous person cheats? No.

Are some of these mistresses’ tales just paid-for tabloid fodder without a grain of truth? Sure. Are most of their claims true, though? My guess is that it’s very likely.

Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, many men are prone to stray, anyway. Add money, power, and fame into the mix and the whole situation just becomes the proverbial recipe for disaster. The always-growing egos and endless sense of entitlement that these people in the limelight face can’t make it easy to resist temptation. However, I do not think that fame and celebrity gives anyone a right to balk on their moral code of conduct. It is so disrespectful!

And these people aren’t having one slip-up. For many of them, it’s woman after woman. Sometimes, there’s even some babymaking involved. Always, there is a scandal involved. What happened to commitment, loyalty, trust, respect, and common courtesy? Can Cheetah Woods redeem himself? Can Jesse James really claim that he TRULY LOVES Sandra Bullock?

As much as I envy the lifestyles of the rich and famous, I do feel bad for some of these women. No one deserves the heart- wrenching shock that an affair can bring. It is like these guys have blinders on; blithely ignoring the feelings and emotions of their partner. To me, it is heartless, and, above all, inconsiderate. Humiliating. A disgrace to their loved ones, a tarnish to their image, and I believe that this type of behavior makes a mockery of solid and loving, committed, and healthy relationships.

After all, in this country we idolize celebrities. But just because the stars are screwing up doesn’t mean all men are so-called sex addicts with 10 mistresses and BlackBerries filled with naughty text messages. Additionally, I’m sure there are women out there, too, who are involved in these types of scandals. (There’s either not as many … or they simply are a little more crafty about not getting caught.)

Either way, to me, it boils down to this. For one, these men are jerks. I mean, cheating on America’s Sweetheart? With a risqué tattoo model? Really? (I mean, I have 3 tattoos, but to me, Sandra is just the epitome of sweetness, class, and grace.)  Sandra Bullock seemed SO genuinely in love with Jesse James….and in turn, everybody loves HER. And cheating on a Swedish Supermodel? Umm….golf club wielding or not, what hope does that give the rest of us normal girls? Now, I hear (as-of-now) unconfirmed reports that Reggie Bush may have been having an affair while dating Kim Kardashian, who, despite being famous for nothing, I adore. Are these rumors? Regardless, they HAVE indeed, split, or are at least taking a break. John Edwards has a baby to his mistress while cheating on his cancer-stricken wife. That’s classy. Sanford calls his “other woman” his “soulmate”….that had to make the woman he vowed his life to feel just fabulous! It’s all such a shame.

These women need to focus on loving themselves first, picking up the pieces and moving forward. I just hope that this type of behavior doesn’t become a trend. While infidelity exists in all walks of life, its one celebrity fad I don’t want to totally infiltrate the mainstream. If people are unhappy, why cheat? End the relationship, part and go your separate ways, and THEN – and only then – go do your own thing. It’s a lot less painful than “having your cake and eating it, too” … with 5, 6, 7, or 12 different women. (Tiger.)

What do you think – something in the water these past few years?

** Have you heard the Reggie Bush / Kim K. rumors? Do you think that it is true? What about Jesse James’ alleged 3 more mistresses coming forward? Happy that Tiger is returning to golf?  Which breakup/affair is the worst and/or most shocking to you? I’d love to hear your comments! **