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Whoopi is my Twitter BFF (kind of.)

20 Apr

Ok, so I wouldn’t go as far as to say we are “BFF’s” … Ok, well…not by any means…..

BUT… I *am* pretty excited to say that, since Saturday, I’ve gotten a tweet or two – even 3 or 4 – per day, from the one, the only, Ms. Whoopi Goldberg!

Formerly very anti-Twitter, the Whoopster herself has been very sweet and chatty with me on my personal Twitter account, even calling me her trademark pet names, “gurl”, “chica”, and “baby.”

A woman I’ve always admired as being strong and inspiring, Whoopi is known for her intelligent, level-headed – and pretty darn funny – opinions on “The View” (along with her perfect lead-ins and outtros, I must say!) and, of course, her stellar and acclaimed acting and standup comedy career. (Today, she may have been known for calling Kate Gosselin an “angry bitch” but, that’s neither here nor there, and made me giggle, regardless.)

She’s also a published author, including the recently published children’s book “Perfectly Prima” which is the third in a series called Sugar Plum Ballerinas. (Very cute!)

Goldberg also happens to be involved in a fabulous website (which I’ve also blogged for) entitled Women on the Web, or, wowOwow.com. According to the site, “wowOwow is an online community created, owned & run for women by women.”

She may have only spoken to me a handful of times, 140 characters or less, but that just goes to show that she’s a pretty stand-up lady. Sure, I’ve talked to Justin Timberlake, Sherri Shepherd, Dane Cook, and a handful of other celebrities online, but Whoopi has actually been kind enough to take the time to tell me to have a nice day, and to say she’ll check out my blogs.

Whoopi, if you’re reading this, a sincere THANK YOU goes out to you! Truly. I’ve been having some rough times lately, and just the simple fact that someone like you took the time to say hello to me, no matter how small that may seem, was pretty cool to me, and admittedly kinda made my day!   *blush*

– BuellaMarie (or, as the world “in-real-life” knows me, Ashley Boynes)