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Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel Both Getting Divorced

5 Jan

I always thought that there was a slight chance that Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel were the same person, or, at the very least, separated from birth.

And then, they both announced divorces from their respective husbands (Russell Brand and  Ben Gibbard) within days of one another.


(All kidding aside – they do look A LOT alike. LOL.)

For your (mind-boggling) viewing pleasure:

That all being said, we’re sorry to hear about the misfortunes of these unlucky-in-love ladies. Seems to be so hard to keep a Hollywood marriage alive….

Wahhh!! Jon Gosselin Dumped by 25-year-old Girlfriend. Too bad, so sad. (Hallelujah!)

27 Mar

I usually try to not be overly critical on people but …. Jon Gosselin? Really? Kate, I don’t mind. I kind of enjoy my love/haterelationship with her. On some days I feel sympathetic towards her. Plus, their children are all just darling. However, Jon makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. When you look up “douche” in the dictionary, his doughy, earringed, receding-hairlined, Ed-Hardied, poser mug should be staring right back at you.

I can’t say that I feel bad about the “breaking news” (or lack thereof) that Jon, 32 going on 14, got dumped yesterday by his 25-year-old girlfriend, Morgan Christine.

According to US Weekly Magazine, Jon “is a mess and feels like a loser.” Oh, boo-hoo. Maybe he’s finally seeing the light?

Kate Gosselin thinks their kids are better off with a nanny than with Jon. I can’t help but to agree. Has he shown any ounce of maturity or responsibility, or any reason whatsoever to be respected in recent years?

Ummm….no. How does one go from a sort of, kind of, almost sweet-ish, laid-back, semi-dorky, pretty normal guy with 8 kids, to a chain-smoking, wannabe loser chasing after young twentysomethings who quite obviously just want to be on TV or in the tabloids? Otherwise, what could they possibly see in him? Really? (Haley Glassman – class act, by the way – that Kate Major chick – probably just wanted a story out of the whole affair – and now Morgan Christie – a cute law student, who all in all, probably realized she was too good for him….)

He makes me cringe. I don’t want anyone to end up alone in life, but some people are just asking for it, truly. If you feel the need to stick up for Jon at all, we just can’t be friends. End of story.