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Celebrity Encounters – Check out Glitzburgh Celeb Photos on Facebook

25 Sep

Celebrity Encounters – Check out Glitzburgh’s Celeb Photos on Facebook.

Pics here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=30508&id=105096099524875&ref=mf

Enjoy photos of Glee’s Kevin McHale, Jessica Simpson, NSync, Franco Harris, Hines Ward, MTV stars, Nicole Scherzinger, and more! 🙂

A few of my favorites, below:

with JC Chasez of NSync, 2001

with Martha Stewart, 2010

With Jessica Simpson, 2003

With Nicole Scherzinger, 2007

With Steelers Legend Franco Harris, 2009

With Steelers MVP Hines Ward, 2005

With actor Danny Masterson, 2007

Check out the Facebook link for about 35 total celeb pics 🙂


Pics here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=30508&id=105096099524875&ref=mf


Celebrity Encounters of Mine … A Slideshow.

26 Mar

I’m learning the hard way that I can’t embed a slideshow into WordPress from Webshots. Well, I’m sure you can. But it IS 2am and I have to be up for surgery at 5:45.

So here, check out the LINK to the slideshow for now. If it doesn’t work – PLEASE let me know!

“Celebrity Encounters” – a slideshow of my various encounters with celebrities both super-famous and not-so-famous.

PHOTOS: http://entertainment.webshots.com/album/552194928YhssbV

SLIDESHOW: http://entertainment.webshots.com/slideshow/552194928YhssbV

Justice Through Journalism and John Grisham in the ‘Burgh!

25 Mar

Last night, I attended a lovely event held by Point Park University.  It was called, “the Justice Through Journalism Gala.”

To be honest with you, as an aspiring author, I only attended in the first place to listen to the special guest speaker, and get an autographed copy of his book. He’s already been a successful lawyer and best-selling fiction author who has had countless novels turned into films and who has recently forayed into the world of nonfiction. That man is John Grisham.

I got an autographed copy of his book, “The Innocent Man” and was enthralled by his speech. I was hoping that I’d get thechance to meet him, speak with him about his writing career, about my writing career, and also wanted to snap a photo with him. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to talk to him, but was excited to get a signed copy of his book for my personal library.

However, that being said, I was surprised that the night contained more than just this phenomonal writer standing at a podium. I learned about the Innocence Institute and the thousands of people – locally, nationally – who are wrongly convicted of heinous crimes. Some of these people even end up with life sentences or on death row. I had the pleasure of listening to a number of them speak about their personal trials and tribulations with the justice system, and also heard about how the Point Park Innocence Institute is helping to get innocent people exonorated through their investigative journalism skills. It was all so eye-opening.

It is sad that these people were wronged by our justice system, but also refreshing that justice prevailed after all, and that we live in a country where they were able to be exonerated. It was sad to hear their bittersweet stories but opened my eyes to a problem whose existence I never really thought about

At any rate, it was a lovely evening from the wine and h’orderves to the live band and silent auction. It was great to mingle, hear these stories, and to listen to the great John Grisham. A+, Point Park! Way to stay classy.