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Quickie Randomosity: Earthquake Aftershock in Pittsburgh, Pirates Pierogi Gets Rehired, USA Loses World Cup, Britney, Gaga, Eclipse, and PHOTO OF THE DAY: Let’s GO!

27 Jun

This blog is a quickie mash-up of some local and national randomosities of the week…. ready, set, go…

1)   There was a 5.5 magnitude earthquake along the Canadian Ontario-Quebec border that was felt all the way down here in, yes, Pittsburgh! Aftershocks were reported in the South Side, Oakland, Aspinwall, Swissvale, Homestead, and Newscastle, and also in West Virginia, New York, and Ohio! Some buildings in the South Side. Oakland, and downtown Pittsburgh were evacuated as a safety precaution.

  2) I wrote a Glitzburgh blog about the Pittsburgh Pirates organization firing one of the racing Pierogi mascots for blasting the team’s managment (and less-than-stellar record) on his personal Facebook page. (I also had a commentor inform me that a “pierogi did not get fired.  One of the 20 people who dress up as a pierogi got fired.” So thank you, to whoever wrote that, for clearing that one up!)  Well, get this. Not only was this fella offered a job as a Washington Wild Things HOT DOG (score!) but, the Pirates organization also had to re-hire the Pierogi (also known as Andrew Kurtz)  According to the Associated Press, “Pirates communications director Brian Warecki says team management learned of the firing on Friday and promptly offered Kurtz his job back because he shouldn’t have been terminated in the first place. He added that bad publicity played no part in the decision.”  (Riiight! You know my blog did it. Admit it! Hehehe.) The best part of the story is that ESPN basically reported that the Pirates “had to rehire him” because they “didn’t fire him properly.”   Turns out that the Buccos hit a whole new level of pathetic with that one. But, if Kurtz did accept the offer, WELCOME BACK to the PIEROGI TEAM, ol’ fella!

3) Sadly, the United States lost their FIFA World Cup match against Ghana yesterday. Also sadly, I won’t pretend that I am a diehard “futbol” fan, or a fan at all, really. I never was in to soccer, o I didn’t want to be a “faker” and just jump on the proverbial bandwagon, sbut, I did mosy on home from the pool yesterday to watch about half of the game. I did feel actual emotion that we lost, surprisingly, as it was a true disappointment. I was hoping for another miraculous down-to-the-wire comeback like Donovan pulled off on Wednesday, but, I guess asking for a 3rd comeback would hae been just TOO much. Well, good job, boys, nonetheless! You made it pretty darn far and did pretty darn well. Gotta hand it to Ghana for their incredible STALLING and ACTING abilities at the end of yesterday’s game….I’ll give them that.  But in all sincerety, United States, you played your butts off (from what I actually watched) in the World Cup and deserve a big congratulations and a big hug. Kudos. I won’t be watching any more of the World Cup games now that the USA is out of it, will you? If so, who are you all rooting for?   I’m just praying that I’ll never have to hear a vuvuzela again. Please.

4)  Reports are swirling that Britney Spears is going behind Jason Trawick’s back and reaching out to Adnan Ghalib again. I don’t have much more to say on this topic except PLEASE GOD NO. No!  If this true, we can expect to see the pink wig and no-panties shots coming out soon, and it’s all we can do but to hope to not see her strapped to a gurney within a year. I’m really hoping that Daddy’s conservatorship hasn’t made her come to this. (And I say this with all sincerity, I’m really pulling for her, because, yes, I happen to be a huge Britney fan!)

5)  Did you all hear Jerry Seinfeld’s comments about Lady Gaga? He called her a “jerk” and said that he “hates” her.  First off, very mature, Mr. Seinfeld. Secondly….um, earth to Jerry Seinfeld: you SO are not relevant anymore…and, in all sincerity…your show really WAS about nothing…and NOT that funny.

6) Twilight: Eclipse premieres June 30th! Yay!  Critics are calling it not only the BEST of the Twilight Saga but also one of the best movies of the summer! (I sure hope so, because, I love the Twilight books, but, the movies never do them justice!)   What do you think, Twihards? Will it top the other two? And what are you doing for the premiere?

Pssst…speaking of the Twilight Saga….Pittsburghers, Taylor Lautner is set to start filming his new movie right here in Da’ Burgh, soon! Word is that it will likely begin filming in the neighborhoods of Squirrel Hill and Shadyside within the next month AND they are now casting for extras! Don’t forget that Glitzburgh broke the news of this movie, Abduction, right away, back in  MAY!

Below is a video of the Racing Pierogis at a Pirates Game. To welcome back Andrew Lutz to the team:




Gaga & Elton John over the weekend:

(Iconic, if you ask me!)

AC2010 – The Furries are in Pittsburgh : So What Is Anthrocon?

27 Jun

The Anthrocon gathering has once again made its home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this year.

So what IS Antrhocon, you might ask? If you’ve heard of, “Furries” then you’ve heard of Anthrocon.

According to their official website, “Anthrocon is the world’s largest convention for those fascinated with anthropomorphics, which are humanlike animal characters.”

The website goes on to explain the 2010 Anthrocon event: “We are a collection of artists, animators, writers, costumers, puppeteers, and just everyday fans who enjoy cartoon animals and their kin. This Summer we will convene at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA, from June 24-27, 2010 for workshops, panel discussions, an art exhibition and a dealer room, and much more! Membership is open to any and all who like to imagine what it would be like if animals could walk and talk as we do.”

So what is a “Furry?”  A Furry could be as simple as a person dressed up in a costume similar to that of, say, Mickey Mouse or Chuck E Cheese, or wearing cat ears and a cat tail. However, some of the costumes are far more advanced and lifelike, looking more like, for example, the werewolves from Twilight.

Some of these “Furries” take their lifestyles to the extreme, actually “becoming” the animals. Have you ever seen the people who have tattooed tiger stripes or leopard spots from head to toe, or sewn in cat whiskers in their cheeks? Yes, they could be furries or may have started as furries. However, it doesn’t always have to be so extreme. According to their website, an “anthropomorphic” person or someone who may attend Anthrocon may just be a grown-up who still digs cartoons or stuffed animals.

Usually people will dress as characters who represent some of their own traits. One fellow….er…creature?…who I saw being interviewed was a sort of husky/monster like animal named, “Nokki”, who, said his costume represented himself, because, like a husky, he liked being outdoors, enjoyed being cold, and also was very loyal to people. On the other hand, some furries will not talk, because, of course, animals do not speak.

Some of you may be wondering if this has to do with fetishes. Well, for some, yes. There are people who have a “furry fetish” for “sexual” reasons….and, we won’t go there. This isn’t that type of blog. There are other people for whom this lifestyle and this “hobby” is purely, 100% innocent. They are educated, normal people who work completely legit day jobs and live completely healthy lifestyles.

This may be hard for some of us to imagine and may even ‘raise a few eyebrows’ among conservative skeptics who may view the behavior as “sick” or weird. And the Anthrocon association has an answer to that:

“Why would someone like this be into cartoon animals? Isn’t that unusual?” If we look at the world around us, however, we will see that anthropomorphized animals are an integral part of our culture. We use them to represent our political parties. We talk to our dogs (and some even imagine they talk back, though in their own way). We put a tiger in our tank. We cheer for mascots—anthropomorphic animals dressed in team uniforms—at our favorite sporting events. Our casual observer may simply be unaware that it is only in the last forty years that cartoons and cartoon animals have been relegated to the world of children. Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and their ilk were once targeted primarily to an adult audience, their productions filled with innuendo and biting political satire. Fans of anthropomorphics today simply have not forgotten those roots. The average Furry fan is cast from the same mold as the science fiction or sword-and-sorcery fan; all of us imagine strange and thrilling worlds and try to picture ourselves living in those worlds.”

It may still seem odd to some of us, but, then again, think of all of the other conventions that have become a BIT more socially acceptable to us: Star Wars conventions, comic book conventions, Harry Potter conventions, and even now the  Twilight and True Blood obsessions where not only kids but even grown women will dress up like vampires and host or attend Twilight or True Blood viewing parties.

Is THAT healthy and normal – and who is to say?

For those wanting to know more about the “Furries” and AC2010 – you can follow their goings-on via Twitter by following Twitter hashtag #AC2010. There are also photos online at Flickr, here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/anthrocon/

Also, Pittsburgh’s very own “Burgh Baby” blogger went on a Furry-Hunt of her own and has a fabulous photo album filled with pictures – and she’s seeking names of many of ther furries, if any of you can help her out! View HER photos, here http://www.flickr.com/photos/30399149@N07/sets/72157624359234356/

Also you can learn more about Anthrocon at http://www.anthrocon.org

It’s interesting to think that this is not only the country’s largest convention for fans of anthropomorphics….but also the WORLD’S largest furry convention…and that they  have chosen Pittsburgh as their destination more than once. I’d tend to wonder why, but, then I just remind myself of all that Pittsburgh has to offer, and my own question has been answered.

Instead of firing the manager, or making some key trades, the Pittsburgh Pirates fire a Pierogi

19 Jun

Instead of firing the manager, or making some key trades, the Pirates dump a… pierogi. File this under: REALLY?!?

Andrew Kurtz, age 24, was let go on Thursday by the Pittsburgh Pirates, who, after last night’s game against the Cleveland Indians are on a 12-game losing streak.

You might think that this personnel change would be for the betterment of the franchise in an effort to improve their pathetic showing this season, and, well, in recent years, but, you’d think wrong.

They fired a racing pierogi.

No, you didn’t read that sentence wrong, this isn’t an error that my spellcheck missed or a proofreading mistake: they fired a pierogi.

Andrew Kurtz was one of the 4 “pierogis” who ran after the 5th inning at each Pirates home game in “the Great Pittsburgh Pierogi Race N’at” which is sponsored by Mrs. T’s Pierogi’s and features Oliver Onion, Jalapeno Hannah, Cheddar Chester, and Sauerkraut Saul.

He was fired for basically telling the truth about his team on his Facebook page and posting “disparaging comments” about the Pirates. Everyone else says that they suck, but when a pierogi says it – well, that’s a different story.

Facebook isn’t as private as people want to think that it is. Unfortunately, someone from the PIrates organization saw the negative remarks about the team and he was subsequently given the axe. I’d say something about “biting the hand that feeds you” …. but …. that just sounds a bit backward and creepy when speaking of a pierogi.

Maybe he can get a gig doing the Milwaukee Brewers Sausage Races?