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Mashable Social Media Day 2010 ~ Pittsburgh’s Andy Warhol Tweetup – #SMDay2010 #SMDay

14 Jul

June 30th, 2010 was the first ever national “Social Media Day” and to commemorate this special event, Pittsburgh held a Mashable Social Media Meetup  at the esteemed Andy Warhol Museum. I could not think of a better place than the Warhol to talk one of the biggest influencers of pop culture today: social media.

The first 50 guests to “check in” on Foursquare (showing proof via their smart phone of choice, naturally) received a free Social Media Day t-shirt. Attendees enjoyed a cash bar, a luxe yet relaxed atmosphere, and got to chat up their online pals IRL.

Tweeps linked up with LinkedIn friends in real life, as Facebook acquaintances friended one another in the flesh. The networking that was done was social indeed, but it was done without the benefit of emoticons, Twitpics, or hashtags.

Naturally, words with friends were exchanged, but most iPhones were kept in purses and pockets as true friendships were developed and explored in person.

The crowd was diverse, ranging from chic to geek and everything in between, and, everyone went back to blogging, poking, and tweeting in near anonymity just minutes after dispersing, but, for those hours at the Warhol, it was a nice occasion where two worlds nicely collided, cultivating and developing friendships new and old.

I think that Social Media Day will be an ongoing success.

Please enjoy my photos, below.

Social Media Day 2010 t-shirt

Me with friend Andy Q (@Techburgh) of Tubu Solutions, Inc.

JW (@Dubzburgh) and I at Social Media Day 2010! #SMDay

Robin D (@SixDegreesPgh) and me at Social Media Day 2010 #SMDay

Time to Rejoice! (Maybe) … Apple is Developing 2 New iPhones – and one may be coming to Verizon!

29 Mar

Mashable.com, Reuters, and The Wall Street Journal are reporting today that Apple may be working on 2 new iPhones – one of which will be coming to the Verizon network!

Currently, the Apple iPhone is only available on AT&T, and there have been no confirmations…YET… that the exclusitivity agreement has been altered in any way.

However, while many rumors have surfaced in the past about a Verizon-compatible CDMA version of the Apple iPhone, this one seems markedly more legit.

Apple reps won’t comment just yet, but the official announcement and big reveal is expected to come in June or July when Apple typically releases the new iPhone models. One will  apparently still be for use with AT&T only, while one will be compatible with the Verizon network, which has better service and about 6 million more users than the AT&T network.

No one expected that Apple and AT&T would remain exclusive for the long haul, and this report doesn’t come as a shock to many.

Bets are on that by early 2011 or even sooner, Verizon will see its own iPhone, which, according to analysts, is one of the most important devices we’ve seen in recent times. Even if we won’t see a VZW iPhone within this suspected time frame, experts agree that it is only a matter of time before Verizon does get its very own iPhone model.