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A Note to my Dear Internet Troll who Harasses me Online:

10 Apr

Dear Internet Troll, you’re at it again! Fantastic!

I don’t know who you are, but here goes. First of all, if you’re going to say annoyingly childish, rude, and immature things to me, do your research first. I was an English major, and am a well-rounded person who reads  the classics, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Tolstoy, Paulo Coelho, etc. On the other hand, I do enjoy, as you said, “childish” works such as Nicholas Sparks, and things like L.A. Candy….just as I write serious articles AND silly gossip blogs. It is all about balance. Additionally, I doubt you actually knew me in high school, or, you’d know that I am not a mean person at all, a bad person, etc. I also think that, given my health circumstances, I do a pretty good job of NOT whining 24/7, and have a vast support system of people who would agree.

So, again, two rules: if you’re going to harass me, why don’t you:

a.) Take grammar lessons and

b.) Do your homework. If you knew me at all, you’d know that Danielle Steele makes my skin crawl.


You can no longer leave Anonymous questions on my formspring account.

Let’s see how much of a coward you truly are. If you’re not, go ahead! Ask me some questions with your real name:  http://www.formspring.me/ashboynes

I highly doubt you’ll be harassing me now that I’ll know your true identity. Do you have the courage and conviction to do so? Are you so set on hurting me, and do you believe in what you’re saying SO MUCH that you’ll actually have the backbone to “reveal yourself?” Doubtful.

So, in the meantime, you can go about continuing to obsess over my life, until you choose to say something to me WHILST revealing your identity. (I highly doubt you’d have the guts to do so. People like you usually DON’T do the “honesty” or “grown-up” thing too well!)

Thanks for the laughs, and you may want to, oh, I don’t know, MAYBE work on getting a life of your own.


PS: If you need an English tutor and/or a grammar coach, why don’t you go ahead and contact me? Let’s work together on building those skills 🙂

PSS: Thank you to all of my friends and family, online AND in real life, who DO support me in all that I do. Much appreciated! xoxo

If you’re lost on where this is all coming from, check out my past Glitzburgh blog entry on this topic:

How Social Media Changes Things – Online Bullying, Mean Girls, and Cowards!

How Social Media Changes Things – Online Bullying, Mean Girls, and Cowards!

31 Mar

Today, I got harassed on Formspring.me. Ever seen the movie “Mean Girls?” Yeah, it was like that. As one of my Twitter friends called it; it was a “jealous high school cheerleader rant.”

Sure, by having profiles on Facebook and Twitter, Formspring, Gluten Free Faces, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites, in addition to developing this blog and writing for various others, I am certainly “putting myself out there” and “setting myself up” for this childishness.

Does that mean that I, or anyone, deserves it? No. I still am baffled.

I got some nasty, mean, malicious, and hurtful messages in my Formspring inbox this evening. From 2 days ago, they told me that I am ugly with bad hair, my blogs are terrible and not going anywhere, that I complain about my illnesses too much, and that I am shallow, whiny, and self-absorbed. (Oh, and they also dissed on Pittsburgh, wondering why I’d write a blog called Glitzburgh when Pittsburgh is not a big city and is never going to be?)

I cried for a little bit, because I am nice to everybody, and I didn’t feel I did anything to deserve it, and thus, it hurt my feelings. I treat people with kindness and respect, and go out of my way for others. I’m always very conscious of, and aware of, other people’s feelings – more than most people I know – and  I would do anything for my loved ones. I’m rather analytical and on the deep side….but, apparently, to my little online frenemy, I’m shallow. (Maybe because I decided to do this type of entertainment blog for fun? Because I like clothes? I don’t know. They said I’m shallow, but obviously not shallow enough to do anything about my “horrible 1990’s hair.”)

Nonetheless, after I shed a few tears (hey, it all hurt me pretty badly!) I did what I do best: thought about it, and wrote about it.

I’m writing about it now; and I vented a bit on Facebook. It is simply how I deal with my feelings. But what it really made me ponder was how social media and the Internet changes things.

Sure, girls could be mean in middle school, but you almost always found out about it, and who said it, etc. Online, people can hide on anonymous message boards, or under fake accounts on various websites. Sure, maybe I, as a blogger and a fan of social networking, am putting myself out there.

But, what about young kids? Are kids in middle school and high school getting harassed even more now, with the invent of social media and all of it’s various apps? If I, a mature, emotionally sound, 26 year old, had such a reaction to this cruel and spiteful messages, how would a 14 year old girl react? I‘m old enough to realize that people can be two-faced. It is why I, for a long time, had trouble trusting people. It is hard not to be suspicious when there is so much backstabbing.

I know that not everyone is kind, though. I also know that some people never mature, or “grow up” even as they grow older. I also know that people who go out of their way to hurt others, are somehow hurting themselves.

Does a teenager or “tween” know this? When I was in high school, AIM was the big thing. Now, there are so many ways for kids to be mean online, without ever having to confront their target face-to-face. I worry now about online bullying, only for the sake of younger kids.

I hope that their parents are educating them that these “mean people” and “cyber bullies” have no life of their own, and that meanness is almost always a result of hurt or some unfulfilled void. (Mine had to have been someone I knew – in fact I have a few suspects haha – and I wouldn’t say that I have a bully per se, but, same type of thing….)

I am happy with my life and with who I am, and after the initial shock, I’m over it. I mean, it still hurt, and I’m still appalled – at a loss for words, almost – about how a person could be so mean, but, I’m over it. I just hope that other people do not let this type of  ridiculousness get them too down in the dumps.

As for whoever wrote it to ME – I cordially invite you to come forward! Why hide behind Formspring if you have such strong feelings? Don’t be a coward, have the courage and maturity to come clean! I welcome it and look forward to hearing from you, since you have so much to say!

Since you knew so much about my life and my writing, I’m sure you’re a fan and will find a way to contact me   🙂

After all, you aren’t emotionally involved enough to be hateful or hurtful unless you know someone or have some sort of connection, so, I’m curious to see who you are and what I ever did to you. Let’s work it out!




RESOURCES FOR PARENTS: For more information on online bullying: