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‘Glitzburgh’ Blogger Posts 2 New AF Rheum for Wellness Blog Entries

8 Apr

As many of you know, I work for, and write for, the Arthritis Foundation of Western PA, as I’ve grown up with arthritis and love to help others with it, or any other chronic illness, AND, educate EVERYONE about these types of illnesses AND about living an overall healthful lifestyle of wellness. Please take the time to check out my 2 latest Rheum for Wellness blog posts…and stay tuned for more Glitzburgh posts TONIGHT! 🙂


Ashley’s Journey to Wellness, Entry #12 – Happy World Health Day and A Belated Happy Easter: Recovering from Surgery and Playing the Waiting Game


Patient Tools and Virtual Wellness: Learning More About Online Health Resources and Electronic Medical Records

Thanks for your support of Glitzburgh AND Rheum for Wellness!