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Movie Review – An “A” for Easy A!

25 Sep

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending an advance screening of the new movie, Easy A.

One never knows what to expect when going to a “sneak peak” because, typically, we have no “word-of-mouth” reviews from “actual” people to base our expectations on.

Nonetheless, I must say, though, that I give Easy A an “A” grade!

Yes, it was, at points, quite predictable and some of the jokes fell flat. But, overall, the humor was fresh, the story was, in some twisted way, timeless. Amanda Bynes is a great supporting character (I guess she didn’t “retire” from acting, after all?) and Emma Stone and Penn Badgley had adorable chemistry.

In fact, Emma Stone made the movie! Reminicscient of a not-yet-ruined Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, she was charming, disarming, quirky, and cute…all the while kind of being an oddly vulnerable badass. I’d go so far as to say that Emma Stone will be the new “It Girl” in Hollywood. She already seems to be an up-and-coming “darling” and I wish her a career that goes far. (I just hope she won’t meet the same fate as in-jail-again LiLo.)

The jist of Easy A is this: It is a story that’s semi-inspired by “The Scarlet Letter.” A relatively goody-goody girl (Olive, played by Stone) says she lost her virginity to be “cool.”  She then manipulates the rumor mill for her own social advancement, “pretending” to sleep with guys to keep her reputation, all the while wearing a scarlet “A” emblazoned on her wardrobe, not caring if she loses friends – or self-respect – along the way.

She lives in the mindset that many people share: that it’s better to be talked about, than to have no one notice you at all. Of course, the plan backfires.

But will Olive redeem herself? I guess you’ll have to see for yourself.