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Calling All Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie Fans! Get @HilaryBeeC to Glitz with us in Da’ Burgh!!

15 Nov

Dear Hilary Duff: I’m talking to you, missy! 😉

I’m on a mission to get actress/singer/entrepreneur/writer/fashionista/cutie Hilary Duff Comrie to do an interview with Glitzburgh, now that she has Pittsburgh ties!

Duff’s husband, Mike Comrie, plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins and I’d love to get them to sit down and do a rare joint interview!  (or, a one-on-one – I’ll take what I can get….)

Hilary is skidaddling about the country promoting her new book, Elixir, and so she may be a hard lady to get in touch with.

But, I love the gal and would be beyond honored if she’d get in touch with her newfound “Pittsburghness” and glitz with us!

(Or, at the very least – Hilary: please do a book signing or meet-and-greet in Pittsburgh!)

Hilary Duff with her new book, Elixir

Do you all want to see Glitzburgh interviewing Hilary? If so, tweet her at @HilarybeeC and help me try to get her on board!

PS: Check out her recent tweet –  “Got my hat on representing and ready for a win tonight!!! Let’s go pens!!” + PHOTO: click here.

Mike Comrie, #19 Pittsburgh Penguins

Upcoming Children’s Event – Family Fun with Pittsburgh Author Mike Shuck of Numbers Elementary

29 Sep

Join Numbers Elementary author, South Fayette alum, and local 5th grade teacher, Mike Shuck, as he presents an author reading of his new children’s book, Numbers Elementary: Rounding at South Fayette Township Public Library in South Fayette (near Bridgeville/the South Hills of Pittsburgh, for those who may be unfamiliar!)

Stay after the reading to purchase a discounted copy of Numbers Elementary for just $10 that you can have personally signed by the author himself, as well as a fun and educational ‘color by rounding’ activity for the kids, and a question-and-answer session for all. You’ll also have opportunities to get photos with the author himself!

Numbers Elementary is the “math series with heart!”

This story introduces primary-aged students to the characters of Numbers Elementary School and showcases a lesson learned when a new student, Five, joins the class.

It not only presents the fundamental math concept of rounding in a fun and colorful way, but also teaches children the important moral lessons of kindness and respect to their peers.

JOIN THE FUN – a one-hour event appropriate for children and their families …. great for teachers, educators, and childcare professionals, too! 🙂

Get the new children’s book that all of Pittsburgh is buzzing about!

Pre-registration is requested, but not required. You can call SF Library at 412.257.8660 for more details, and email numberselementary@gmail.com with questions or to register.

Also, you can register online – FOR FREE – by using this link and scrolling to Oct. 9 –


Celebrity Encounters – Check out Glitzburgh Celeb Photos on Facebook

25 Sep

Celebrity Encounters – Check out Glitzburgh’s Celeb Photos on Facebook.

Pics here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=30508&id=105096099524875&ref=mf

Enjoy photos of Glee’s Kevin McHale, Jessica Simpson, NSync, Franco Harris, Hines Ward, MTV stars, Nicole Scherzinger, and more! 🙂

A few of my favorites, below:

with JC Chasez of NSync, 2001

with Martha Stewart, 2010

With Jessica Simpson, 2003

With Nicole Scherzinger, 2007

With Steelers Legend Franco Harris, 2009

With Steelers MVP Hines Ward, 2005

With actor Danny Masterson, 2007

Check out the Facebook link for about 35 total celeb pics 🙂


Pics here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=30508&id=105096099524875&ref=mf


Upcoming Back to School Event featuring Local Teacher & Numbers Elementary Author Mike Shuck – 9/13 – Save the Date!

9 Aug

Mark your calendars for Monday September 13th, 2010!

Local teacher and author Mike Shuck will be reading his new book, Numbers Elementary: Rounding, to kids, parents, and friends at the Green Tree Public Library. This story introduces primary-aged students to the characters of Numbers Elementary School and showcases a lesson learned when a new student, Five, joins the class.

After the author reading, you will have the opportunity to purchase a copy of the book at a discounted rate AND get it personally signed by the author himself! There will also be a kids’ activity!

This educational math book with heart is one that is a must-have for your child’s – or your classroom’s – library. It is a warmhearted tale that teaches both a math concept and a life lesson.

Please support this local born-and-raised Pittsburgh boy, dedicated teacher, and, now, published author, by attending this fun and family-friendly back-to-school event that is FREE and open to the public!

Email numberselementary@gmail.com for more information or register here:


To learn more about the author or the Numbers Elementary book series, please visit: http://www.numberselementary.com … order YOUR copy today! (Also available on Amazon!)

SAVE THE DATE – 9.13.10!

About the Blogger, Part Deux : 25 Things

30 Mar

You can learn more about the Glitzburgh blogger to the right, under “About the Blogger” … but here’s part II ~~ 25 Random Facts, just for fun…..


1) I strongly believe in karma and “the golden rule” and try to live my life by these governing principles.

2) I love taking photos and having my picture taken.

3) I used to NEVER watch TV, and now I’m addicted — I’d be lost without my DVR!

4) However, I can never pass up a good book and would much rather read than watch television, most of the time.

5) I love vampires and liked them before Twilight. “Interview with a Vampire” and my Gothic Literature class got me hooked. Now I am in love with True Blood, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, etc.

6) I like making “online friends” and “pen pals” … I’ve had the same pen pal, Christina, since I was like 15 or so! And we actually wrote “real” letters! 🙂

7) I love handwritten notes, greeting cards, and getting “real” mail.

8) I do have multiple chronic health problems, but I complain about 1/10 of the time that I COULD be complaining. I’d never wish it upon anyone, but I’d invite anyone who criticizes me to walk a day, or a week, in my shoes. It’s rough but I try to stay positive and live a pretty normal life!

9) I was nominated “most stylish” for our senior superlatives in high school.

10) I like dogs with bulging eyes, smushy noses, and wrinkly faces – Pugs, Boxers, Mastiffs, Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, etc. (but really I love ALL dogs, truth be told!)

11) I love elephants!

12) I want to take an adult (beginner) ballet class but have yet to do it. It’s on the bucket list and hopefully happens sooner rather than later!

13) I love super-hero movies!

14) I am super analytical and kinda deep.

15) I love the Victorian era…and I kinda want to attend a real tea party 🙂

16) I want to publish a novel someday.

17) I almost always remember my dreams.

18) I have 3 tattoos.

19) I try not to care what people think; and I don’t in most cases! BUT…. I AM sensitive when people hurt me; because I do not understand how people can be mean for no reason! I’m not even mean when there IS a reason, LOL!

20) I collect Willow Tree angels and used to collect limited-edition and special-edition Barbie dolls.

21) I LOVE TO WRITE. I even do it for fun. (Blog, poetry, etc.)

22) I hate Seinfeld. And Frasier.

23) I like sociology and theology.

24) I think sunshine is the best.

25) I love the sound a thunderstorm and rain outside at night.

Little ol’ me? Best Blogger in Pittsburgh and Who To Follow on Twitter? Yes, say Network Pittsburgh polls.

26 Mar

Network Pittsburgh is a great site for useful resources on, well, networking in Pittsburgh!

They have local news, blogs, event promotion, and more, but they also have polls and contests.

For those of you who do not know, I am proud to announce that in 2009 I was voted “Best Blogger in Pittsburgh” and in 2010 was voted, “Who to Follow on Twitter 2010″ in the Individual competition. The Arthritis Foundation of Western Pennsylvania, who I “tweet” for, was #2 in the “Who to Follow on Twitter Business/Org Edition.”

*Patting myself on the back&

Please, friends – follow my personal Twitter account @BuellaMarie

Follow the Arthritis Foundation at @AFWPA

And NOW ANNOUNCING a NEW official “Glitzburgh” Twitter account @Glitzburgh – please Follow us!

Don’t forget to check out @NetwkPittsburgh, too!

Thanks, please keep on reading!

~ You can also become a fan of mine on Facebook – Ashley Marie Boynes, Writer … and/or of Glitzburgh (page under construction ~

TGIF, and have a great weekend!